This Is About The Ancient Roman Education.

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Education was very important to the Ancient Romans. The goal of Education was to be an effective speaker. The school day began before sunrise, as did all work in Rome. Students brought candles to use intill sunrise. No one know's when the school days started, but they probably varried from school to school. However, we do know that school began each year, on March, 24th. Rome didn't have public schools, they usually had private and home schools. Most schools were very small, about one to two rooms.Student's wrote on paper made from reeds, and they also used wax boards. There were a few advantages of using the wax board tablets such as, having the ability to re-write something or if you made a mistake, you could just rub the wax smooth and start over again. A school would only have a few book's for everyone to use. Book's had to be written by hand, and were usually made from one long piece of pater rolled around a stick. It was called a scroll.Children aged 6- 7 would first attend primary school. The lessons were basic, with a main focus on writing, reading and learning to count. The alphabet was learned letter by letter. Children would use scroll's and book's to learn to read, wax tablet's for writing and pebbles or an abucus to learn basic mathematics. At the age of 12, students were taught by grammematicus, a mad with lots of knowledge. Students then studied poetry, history, goegraphy and grammer. The Romans admired Greek culture so the Greek...

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