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This Is Is About The Life And Work Of Ghandi From A Christian Response.

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As Christians, we are called to follow the life of Jesus Christ and do as he did. In doingso, we should give up all luxuries that are not necessary, treat our enemies and friendsalike, and devote our lives to helping those less fortunate than us. While many of us maymake an attempt to do this, rarely if ever do we see someone who did this in the way thatGandhi did. The surprising thing about it, though, is that Gandhi never consideredhimself a follower of Jesus. While he credited Jesus as a contributor to his beliefs andpractices, he never became a practicing Christian. Instead, he took the actions that wouldbe considered ideal for a Christian, and applied them to his Hindu religion.Gandhi lived his life according to how Jesus would have in more devoted waythan any Christian has since his time. According to the Mahatma Gandhi article, thereare several examples of how Gandhi did this. First of all, Gandhi was a strong believer inthe idea of showing love for your enemy. This love for his enemies was clear whenGandhi would willingly accept beatings from his enemies with clubs. He would neverretaliate in any way, would encourage his fellow Indians to take the same beatings, andthen encourage them to pray for those who had beaten them. Gandhi's response to thedropping of the atomic bomb also showed how much he loved his enemies. He toldIndians that if an atomic bomb were ever dropped on India, that they should look up atthe bomb without fear and pray for the pilot who had deployed the bomb. Gandhi's lovefor his enemies was also seen when he turned the other cheek to the hooligans that hadharassed him when he was walking with Charlie Andrews. His love towards his enemiesis most evident through his practice of non-violent protests. When he would fighttowards a common goal, he never once did something that would bring harm to hisenemies. No matter how badly the enemy was treating him and his people, he wouldcontinue to accept the treatment and try to bring about change in ways that would bringbenefit to his people, but never bring harm to his enemies.Gandhi also lived according to the principles of Jesus in the fact that he cared forthe poor and the sick. A clear example of this came from Gandhi's treatment of theUntouchables. In a society where these people were considered the scum the nation,Gandhi embraced these people and encouraged his nation to respect these people. Hechanged their caste name from Untouchables to Harijans, or "children of God." Gandhidisplayed a similar act that Jesus would have done when he cleaned the toilet of aHarijan, something the rest of Hindu society would have considered as an embarrassing,disgusting act. Gandhi continued to embrace the Harijans throughout his life, callingthem his brothers and staying in their homes whenever possible.Jesus would often work to put an end to violent acts of oppression or aggressionby preaching to his people. Gandhi also did this same type of preaching to put an end tothe oppression caused...

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