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This is my love story. It all started in 9th grade when my lunch class got changed. My band teacher moved me and couple of my friends into the 10th graders lunch class. At first I didn’t know what to think. But then I met Colton. Colton Dixon. Even his name is dreamy! Well we both played the Saxophone and my band teacher made him sit by me.
"Colton, go and sit by Britt." Mrs. Hollister told him. I looked at one of my best guy friends Chris Tomlin and nodded at him to scoot over. Colton came to sit down. We started talking about this teacher we didn’t like. Chris joined in and we all started laughing. I started to like this lunch class.
At lunch I was sitting by my best friend, Natalie Grant. "So Britt who was that guy Mrs. Hollister made you sit by? He seems a little..." "Well he agrees that he can’t stand Mr. Broote. Oh and his name is Colton," I looked over at him, "he's kind of cute." Natalie looked at me like I was crazy. "You're right. I don’t see it anymore."
A couple weeks had passed and talking to Colton became a regular thing. I made some new friends too, like Mark Hall, Matthew West, Toby Mac, and Mandisa. One day I was sitting at lunch with Natalie and I felt a tap on my back. "Do you like Colton?" One of Colton’s percussion friends asked me. I nearly spit my drink on Natalie thinking, how do they know? But in reality I said "No!!" And Colton looks at me and says "Oh I forgot we were keeping our relationship on the down low!" And I started blushing--hard. My friends we beside me laughing and all I could do was blush. "It’s ok baby we can talk about it now." Colton said. I just turned around and continued eating my sandwich. When we got back to the classroom Colton came up and was like "Bye Britt!'" Then he gave me a hug. Then this obnoxious 10th grader named John Cooper gave me a hug and Colton was like, "Don’t touch my girlfriend!" And I ran awkwardly to Natalie and we left the classroom.
We were getting ready for the annual winter concert, so Mrs. Hollister gave passes to all the 9th grade students to join our lunch class on Tuesdays and Thursdays before the concert. Well it was the Monday, and the concert was Thursday. Colton was sitting beside me and he was like, "You're like my mini Keri." Keri Jobe was one of Colton’s best friends that was a girl. "Oh...Kay?" I said not sure if that was a compliment or an insult.
The next day, Tuesday, all ninth and tenth graders were in our lunch class. One of my friends who plays the clarinet with Keri, Addison Road, was in there with us. I had told her about Colton but she didn’t really know him all that well. So before the bell rung for 5th period, our lunch class, to start, I was standing next to Natalie and Addison talking. Then Colton walks in. He comes straight over to me and puts his arm around me. "Awww if only I had my phone with me." Addison said making a heart with her hands. Natalie was laughing. Then Colton took his hand and started petting my head. All I could...

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