This Is My Outline For My Essay On Having A Career As A Dancer.

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Career Research Project.

1 In paragraph form, state what career you are researching and exactly what someone working in this career does.

I am researching a career as a dancer. Someone in this career performs dance on stage in front of an audience. Through dancing they tell a story, interpret an idea, or express rhythm and sound by moving to music. They audition for certain roles in many different dance companies, and perform in different shows.

2. List ten major duties and responsibilities of someone working in this career.

a. audition for dance companies and dance roles
b. perform in front of an audience or camera
c. Being able to work as a team with other dancers you perform with
d. Know how the body works
e. attend classes and rehearsal every day
f. Maintain a fit and healthy body
g. Show up at all of your performances
h. Interpret ideas into dance
i. Know about different dance and drama techniques
j. Understand music and rhythm

3. In paragraph form, explain the education and training needed for this career. Include all degrees, licenses and certificates needed and the length of time needed to secure the required education and or training.

To become a dancer, you only need your high school diploma, no certification or licensing. You do need a lot of training. There are two ways to get accepted into a dance company. You need to audition or graduate from a school attached to the company or another great company. You should have a lot of experience if you are auditioning so that your chances of getting picked are higher, so you should take as many classes and lessons in dance as possible. When you graduate from a school attached to a dance company they will pick the best few to be a part of that company and refer the other graduates somewhere else.

4. List and explain five skills needed for this career
a. Dancers should have good line. They need to be lined up perfectly, turned out, and looking in the right direction.
b. Musicality- They need to be able to listen, feel, and interpret the music.
c. Dramatic ability- They need to show emotion through their dancing.
d. Grace - they need to flow and look graceful on stage
e. Flexibility- They need to be flexible and able to bend in certain ways

5. List and explain five personality traits that would be necessary for a person in this career

A. trying to learn a new move can be frustrating; you need patience to perfect them.

B.You wants to be determined to do your best when performing, come to all practices, and never give up.

C.You want to be confident in yourself that you can do a step that you are having trouble with.

D.You should be disciplined and have self control

6. In paragraph form, explain the projected earnings for this career, the typical fringe benefits, and the projected job...

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