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This Is My Philosophy Of Life Paper, Required In Eleventh Grade Health In My School. It Describes My Goals, Accomplishments, And Attitude Toward Life.

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Philosophy of Life Paper

My philosophy of life is probably quite different than most people. I have been through several traumatic events, as well as maintained high grades in rather high-level courses. Most people fail to understand how I manage to keep up my grades. However, perfectionism is one of my many flaws, and one that I struggle with each and every day. Perhaps this paper will help you understand me better.
In my life, values are used to make decisions. Education is very important to me, because it is the one thing that I can succeed in without working very hard. Of course, honors courses take some work, but I chose to do that work. Money also presents some value to me. I need money for college, a car, insurance, as well as a variety of other necessities. I am currently working towards possibly earning a scholarship, but even with a scholarship I will need some way to pay for books, school supplies, food, shelter, and clothing. In addition, happiness is an extremely vital value for me. Without it, I wouldn't be able to function in society. Music is a coping skill when things get rough. Again, without it, I would probably become unhappy, leading to dysfunction. Last, but not least, is my cat, Tigger. She is currently three and a half years old, and she is the only living thing I can completely trust. I can tell her anything, and I know that she will not be able to tell a soul. Not even the other cats, because I have only one cat, and she will rarely see any others.
In my philosophies, goals are used to organize my realistic dreams. Most of them are short-term goals, such as attaining and keeping at least a 3.5 GPA, making NHS, getting into Pit next year, making Youth Chorale, getting 5s on my AP tests, remaining in Symphony Orchestra, and acquiring a 1400 (or higher) on the SATs. Some of them are long-term goals, such as attending college (preferably Skidmore or Carnegie-Mellon), getting a scholarship, getting a masters degree in psychology, and becoming a child psychologist. These goals will take a lot of work, I know, but I should (hopefully) be able to manage. So far, I have. What's stopping me from continuing down my path to success?
My attitude toward life is quite simple. I control what I can, and I cope with whatever I cannot control. I am a firm believer that all good people will have good things happen to them, and that working hard will pay off in the long run. This attitude has gotten me pretty far.
My purpose in life is to make the world a better place. This phrase is by far easier said than done. I volunteer for the Somerset Medical Center and the Somerset County Library, and I am currently studying to become an EMT. As a Girl Scout, I am already first aid and CPR certified, so the training should not take long. My only wish in life is to be satisfied with who I am by the time I die. I do not want to have any regrets hanging over my head when my time comes.
When faced with decisions,...

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