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This Is Our World: Art Is In Part Of Our Lives

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This world where we live in is a wonderful place. Ever day, every one, and every thing are in a different image appears in front of us. It can be a word, a picture, and an art. In Dorothy Allison’ s “This is our world,” she shows us an effective meaning of art that art has had an impact on the way she thinks different things. From reading her article, I can visualize the scene about the art that art can represent individual, art has magic to help everyone to be an artist, and art will show honesty to everyone.
In the whole article, we can feel that Dorothy Allison loves art very much. When she was young, her mother brought her to baptized. She saw the first painting in her life, which is a mural of Jesus at a Baptist church. She loved this picture more than any others, and she imaged that if Jesus can come out from the picture. Her mother allowed her to get her one; however, she came up a different idea about the art in her mind. In the article, She said:“ What I wanted was a life-size, sweaty painting, one in which Jesus looked as hopeful as a young girl- something other worldly and peculiar, but kind of wonderful at the same time”(Allsion 43). In my opinion, Dorothy Allison wanted to have her own paintings to show her imagination. She used her stories successfully show us that art is personal. When we enjoy some beautiful paintings, these arts will represent individuals. For example, there are a lot of well-known artists in the world. Their paintings are a good evidence to stand for their personal.
Dorothy Allison found art has magic, so she shows us that everyone can have a chance to be an artist. Art is an important part to compose this article. We can find the art everywhere and art can be anything that help author to image her memories. Dorothy Allison gave us an example about her friend Jackie’s mother who is not an...

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