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For those out there who believe the Barack Obama has cared about creating jobs in this country—I’m sorry, but I’m about to give you some bad news. He never has or will care about jobs. Why? It’s not the way Democrats think. I mean come on, why would they want you to have a job? They are still trying to blame Bush and the Republicans for the mess they have “inherited” and are asking you for patience. What they forgot is that this is the same party that told you that if you elected them, they would right the ship in no time—which explained the massive liberal victories in 2006 and 2008. However, since the Democrats have taken majority in the House and Senate—they have not done a damn thing to improve the unemployment situation. With the midterms coming in the next few months, do not be surprised if you see a sudden surge in attention to jobs and job creation. Nearly ten percent of Americans are out of work—most of them either applying or receiving unemployment benefits. Due to this, there have been nearly 850,000 foreclosures thus far in 2010. Thus far, the President has not gotten the message that it is jobs that will kick start the American economy out of this recession. Now, the left will argue that the stimulus bill was a jobs bill. They will argue that they just passed another $18.5 billion in a jobs bill. However, you cannot throw money at jobs. In order for jobs to be created—you have to create an environment for employers. By allowing people to obtain credit to start small businesses, giving tax breaks to international corporations to hire American workers, instead of outsourcing to nations such as India and China. This is how you build up an economy.
Instead, the President pressed on with healthcare—stating that it too, had a lot to do with the creation of jobs. He was right—sort of. Healthcare cemented the fact that the economy was going to stay stagnant. In fact, the unemployment rate rose by .3% in the month after its passage. Jobless claims are averaging just less than half a million a week. People are hurting all over the country—but do they care? Maybe just enough to get your vote. Nothing more—nothing less.
This is where the President won the 2008 election. He sympathized with the American people and told them he would punish companies that outsource to other countries—while the big bad Republicans would allow outsourcing and call it capitalism. It was not true, but you try to stop the bleeding after eight years of President Bush. The Republicans did the right thing by not even putting up a fight—instead they have made the Democrats put their money where their mouth is. Literally. All the spending we have done since Obama’s inauguration is mind-boggling. You and I would never see that much money in our lifetime no matter how hard we worked, yet those in Washington spend it as if money grows on trees. I am sorry, but it is time to cut the tree down.
So how are the Republicans going to create jobs? Good question—I have yet to see...

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