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This Isn't Really A True Essay But Rather Many Helpful Terms Acquired From My World Religion Class. These Terms Apply To Many Religions Around The World Wether They Be Current Or Of The Past.

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Torah -(Hebrew, "law" or "doctrine"), in Judaism, the Pentateuch, especially when in the form of a parchment scroll for reading in the synagogue. The Torah is the cornerstone of Jewish religion and law.Mishnah, first part of the Talmud, a codification of the oral law of the Old Testament and of the political and civil laws of the Jews. It was compiled and edited (orally) in the last quarter of the 2nd century ad or the first quarter of the 3rd century by Rabbi Judah (circa 135-c. 220), known as ha-Kadosh (Hebrew, "the Saint") or ha-Nasi (Hebrew, "the Prince" or "the Patriarch"), but generally known to devout Jews simply as "Rabbi."Talmud, body of Jewish civil and religious law, including commentaries on the Torah, or Pentateuch. The Talmud consists of a codification of laws, called the Mishnah, and a commentary on the Mishnah, called the Gemara. The material in the Talmud that concerns decisions by scholars on disputed legal questions is known as the Halakhah; the legends, anecdotes, and sayings in the Talmud that are used to illustrate the traditional law are known as Haggada.Talmud, body of Jewish civil and religious law, including commentaries on the Torah, or Pentateuch. The Talmud consists of a codification of laws, called the Mishnah, and a commentary on the Mishnah, called the Gemara. The material in the Talmud that concerns decisions by scholars on disputed legal questions is known as the Halakhah; the legends, anecdotes, and sayings in the Talmud that are used to illustrate the traditional law are known as Haggada.Four Noble Truths (Sanskrit Catvari-Arya-Satyani), the four fundamental principles of Buddhism, expounded by the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, after his enlightenment in the 6th century bc. The first truth is the Holy Truth of Suffering: All existence is suffering (dukkha). The second is the Holy Truth of the Cause of Suffering: The cause (samudaya) of suffering is ignorant craving (tanha) for pleasure, striving for life, and the assumption that everything ends at death. The third truth is the Holy Truth of the Cessation of Suffering: Suffering can cease (nirodha) by withdrawal from and renunciation of craving. The fourth truth is the Holy Truth of the Way to the Cessation of Suffering:Atman, in Hinduism, term for the breath or the soul and principle of life. The atman, or individual soul, however, is believed to be identical with Brahman, the universal world soul, or godhead. In Hindu philosophy, the term atman also designates the true essence of anything, including the universe. The atman is said to be the only thing that truly exists, an immortal substance that transmigrates from body to body.Brahman (social class), also spelled Brahmin, name of the sacerdotal, or highest, class (varna) in the system of HinduismMany Hindus worship daily the deity they have personally chosen. This personal deity is known as the ishta-devatā. Household pūjā usually consists of worshiping the ishta-devatā with prayer and...

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1685 words - 7 pages . formed a council of other countries to decide on what terms the war would end with both sides agreeing on it they ceased fire at the border. The main goal of the intervening in the korean war was to stop communism. The U.S. originally intervened because of soviet aggressiveness that they thought would spread around the world and eventually start a war between Russia and the U.S, Russia was their biggest enemy because they were a communist

Scribes" these are from the bible to study by or to use for a essay of some sort in this case it was a short essay but you can use it for anything

6964 words - 28 pages chief priests, the scribes, and the ancients; but it might be wrong to regard these three classes as forming a regular hierarchy, for in the New Testament itself the word "ancients", or the phrase "the ancients of the people", is quite frequently equivalent to "members of the Sanhedrin", just as is in Josephus the word bouleutaí "members of the council". They were styled "ancients" no doubt in memory of the seventy "ancients" forming the

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1366 words - 5 pages conditions.Another case of UFO's and aliens that could not be explainedtook place on a redneck families property in Kentucky several years ago.The family was sitting on their proch one night haveing a small gettogether which consisted of about seven people. As two of the menwere arguing, the youngest boy noticed a glow comming from the cornerof their pasture, about one forth of a mile away. At first, the adults tookno notice to this, but then they too

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1649 words - 7 pages for all classes of society to be equal at this period of time. The rich and the poor both endeavor the pain of hunger. In addition, during the month of Ramadan there are tents set up in the streets that give out food and water to any race or religion during the breaking of the fast. Therefore, a true Muslim is not allowed to discriminate against anybody in which the prophet said in his farewell sermon, “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab

Title: The Incas: Civilization of the New World Desc: A formal report about many aspects of the Incan culture. Such as: diet, architecture, government, and religion

2617 words - 10 pages vegetables. And out of many other unique qualities, their religion was polytheistic, yet still had a human god.The Inca started out as a really small civilization. Their first ruler was Manco Capac. We don't really know much about him, although he called himself the son of the sun. When he was alive the Inca were still a very small tribe. All the tribes in the area were constantly making alliances to survive, but these only lasted a short time due to

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1218 words - 5 pages from other cultures. Many things play a role on what shall happen next but how you approach each situation and the strategies you use will tell you whether or not the odds will be in your favor or not. “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.”

Defend or Refute - "The Renaissance was a new development, strikingly different from the preceding Middle Ages." - This essay agrees with this quote, and gives many reason as to why

1323 words - 5 pages literature, such as The Prince by Machiavelli, in which he tells the ways a ruler should gain and hold power, The Courtier, by Castiglione in which he described what a perfect Renaissance man would be, and many others. It was also during the 16th century that the influence of this literature began to be seen in the rest of Europe.The new ideas of liberal arts, individualism and humanism gave power to the middle class, since now they were educated

Stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world. Some people say an element is beneficial, whereas other say that it is the cause

1076 words - 5 pages infection-fighting cells which helps with the healing in our body but when stress is prolonged it is shown to have negative effects. Certain immune cells get suppressed by chronic stress and can create a vulnerable immune system. This may directly affect cancer; cancer is when your body is mass-producing a certain cell, creating an overload of that specific cell in an area or organ and this causes the development of a tumor. Your immune system

This is a reading response from my class Religion in the Media - Religion in the Media - Assginment

695 words - 3 pages of the American Academy of Religion, Volume 80, Issue 1, 1 March 2012, Pages 64–93) The reasons why organized religious groups use the internet is to inform, teach, and recruit. They use networked forms of community to do this. Another question that was brought up in class was “How can a person carry out religious rituals on the Internet?” in truth they can not really carry out these rituals, but they an observe them and gain experience from

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