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This Is The Syllabus For Psychology Class Psychology Assignment

3506 words - 15 pages

*Sample syllabus is subject to change each semester.
Research Methods, Data Analysis, and Reporting to Support DoD Security Programs
(CDSE ED 508)
Defense Security Service (DSS)
Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE)
Education Division
1. Course Description/Overview
The main purpose of the Research Methods, Data Analyisis, and Reporting to Support DoD Security
Programs course is to introduce students to quantitative and qualitative methods for conducting
meaningful inquiry and research. They will gain an overview of research intent and design, methodology
and technique, format and presentation, and data management and analysis informed by commonly used
statistical methods. The course will develop each student?s ability to use this knowledge to become more
effective as security leaders in the DoD. These tasks include:
? Developing a hypothesis, a research problem and related questions
? Framing the problem with the correct research methodology
? Collecting data that accurately addresses the research problem
? Measuring the effectiveness of a program
? Using data to make decisions
? Providing technical guidance to contractors for inclusion in contract documents related to
research projects
? Evaluating feasibility of research proposals
? Presenting data to support programs to decision makers and other consumers
The course will provide an overview of the important concepts of research design, data collection,
statistical and interpretative analysis, and final report presentation. The focus of this course is not on
mastery of statistics but on the ability to use research in the DoD Security environment.
Each week students will work through lessons that present security-specific readings and research and/or
statistics-related concepts that bring to life examples of how the weekly topic applies to security. This will
allow students to clearly understand how the course material relates to their jobs as security
2. Target Audience/Prerequisites
The target audience for this course is DoD civilian and military defense security professionals from a
variety of specializations. This course is designed at the collegiate level.
This course has no prerequisites.
3. Student Outcomes/Objectives
This course will be designed to enable students to meet the following final terminal learning objectives:
? Act as an educated consumer of data
? Prepare a preliminary research design for projects in their subject matter areas
? Accurately collect, analyze and report data
? Present complex data or situations clearly
? Review and analyze research findings that affect their agency
4. Delivery Methods/Course Requirements
This is a graduate-level distance-learning course in research methods and statistics for security
professionals. The course will consist of readings and presentations, participation in the discussion forum,
exercises, and written assignments.
The assigned course readings draw from a variety of resources,...

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