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"This Is The Title Of This Story, Which Is Also Found Several Times In The Story Itself" By David Moser

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David Moser, a noted writer of self-referential stories, demonstrates in this story a satirical style describing how the writer and the writing process itself can interfere with the finished product. David Moser's argument, that writers can better serve their readers by subtracting mundane details and sticking to the fine points of the story, is overshadowed by the verbosity of his ...view middle of the document...

First, several passages in the article tend to be redundant. For example, Moser writes, "This sentence is to inform you, in case you haven't realized it, that this is a self-referential story, that is, a story containing sentences that refer to their own structure". This type of circumlocution creates disarray and confusion, which hinders the continuity of the details. Thus, reading becomes harder to concentrate upon or even pursue. Second, Moser spends too much time apologizing for the mistakes of other writers instead of writing a story that will engage the reader. Even though Moser playfully and at times noticeably illustrates other writers' wastefulness of words, his own words that tend to get in my way.In conclusion, Moser's assertion that words get in the way of more words is accurate. Nothing should stand in the way of the message being conveyed to the reader from the author. However, David Moser's attempt to over-accentuate his argument got in the way of my enjoyment of his story.

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