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People constantly find new ways of improving their bodies. The four most popular types of body modification are tattoos, piercing, breast surgery and plastic surgery. The main reasons people chose to get tattoos or a body piercing is for self expression and because it's the 'in' thing. People are always trying to fit in and will do just about anything to do so. Women mainly choose to get breast surgery because they want to feel more attractive in public. The acceptance of body modification has grown tremendously over the years. People are now less surprised when they see people on the streets with tattoos and piercings, they're starting to see it as more of a form of self-expression, and less as an alteration to the body. Tattoos used to be thought of as modification to the body, but now people are seeing it as 'body-art', a form of self expression, and an insight into one's personality. Rebellion used to be the reason people got tattoos. For example if someone wanted to get a little attention, they got tattoos personifying how they felt about someone or something. However, tattoos have become widely accepted as self expression, and in most cases, a form of art. A man by the name of Samuel O'Reilly was the first famous contemporary tattoo artist. He set up shop in New York's Chatham Square and was very popular in his time. Tattoos were all the rage, all the way to the financial crash of 1929. They became trendy in America again around World War II, with the introduction of new designs like cartoon characters. Tattooing made another leap for the mainstream in the '70s and '80s, when celebrities began sporting them. In the last decade, the policy of global acceptance and worldwide communication has not only made tattoos popular, but also universal. With 5,000 years of tattooing tradition, nothing indicates that this is a vanishing fad. The popular trend of body piercing has been around since ancient times and has many concerning issues such as infections, safety, and risks. However, numerous people still choose to put their bodies in jeopardy to be part of the latest fashion craze. The history of body piercing varies among different societies. Some tribes used piercings as a magical purpose because they believed that metal repelled demons from getting inside the body. Sailors also had earrings because they believed it improves their eyesight. In some societies piercing the ears was a puberty ritual. Body piercing is a popular body modification that has been a part of history and many cultures. Why people get them is a question with various answers. Although many risks are involved with this art form, people still choose to place their bodies in danger to be a part of the popular trend. Breast surgery has become a very popular procedure for women. Television, radio and the internet are filled with advertisements for breast enlargement, reduction and other sorts of surgical operations. For some women breast...

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1226 words - 5 pages For this essay we were to find our voice. Your Voice: the being of which you are. Who am I? Well maybe I should start with who I am not. I am not African American. I am not Spanish or Mexican. I am not Indian or Eastern. I am half Canadian but unfortunately do not know how to speak French. I am not rich or poor. I am a middle class, average white woman. I pay the least amount of money on my car insurance and yet I am cheated out of other

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770 words - 3 pages To dallas county I am case #. To my friends, family and piers I am billy joebob. This case # and the felony that goes along with it, does not define who I really am. People often like to stereotype others by what they hear not what really is. For someone to truly understand who I am, they have to know me and not just my story. People say that it's important to learn from your mistakes and boy are they right. There is one mistake that I really

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701 words - 3 pages ?Who I Am? February 14, 2001 There are many different things that come together when I try to figure out who I am and what will become of me. Although my morals, values, and family relationships have a huge impact on my life, hardships and tragedies are what made me a strong and confident person.The negative experiences that I?ve had in the last few years have really made me into what has become of me today. I struggled through all four years of

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2196 words - 9 pages cannot simply discover the answer to by using formulas, calculations, and basic experiments. What will happen to me when I die? Is there some sort of non-physical part of me, or essence, that will like on? Or does it all just end? Who am I? Am I, as I am thinking this now, my consciousness? Is the consciousness just an overrated name attributed to the electrical signals being sent between neurons in my brain? Fortunately for me, these

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1131 words - 5 pages anymore," she screams. A week goes by and she returns to her old habits: depression, unusual sleeping patterns, crying out of nowhere, drugs, etc. She submits herself into rehab. Hours later, she is found hanging from the ceiling of her room by a sheet with the words, 'I am sorry, but this is who I am' written on her arm.

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1926 words - 8 pages there, we can never find meaning or purpose. It has become obvious to advertisers that we are very visual people. Although we respond to demonstrations of subtleties such as a flirty smile, it is generally the displays of intensity that first grab our attention. Now I am sure that there is some biological / scientific reason that can prove this fact, but I think the advertisements for Victoria's Secrete are enough proof. We see groups of

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1310 words - 5 pages Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “To be yourself in a world that is trying to make you something else is a great accomplishment”. Who am I? is question that many often struggle to answer, but for me it allows me to differentiate from my constituents and express who I really am. What makes me such a unique individual is my ability to identify with 5 strong strengths. I love the fact that I am futuristic and I have the ability to relate, I am

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787 words - 3 pages brought up to always have good manners. From my family, I acquired good character traits such as honesty, perseverance, obedience, respect, and good conduct. I was also educated to be a hard worker and to continually strive to do my best. I am lucky because my family comes from a good background and also because I was raised to have a good comportment.Another reason why I am a very fortunate and thankful person is because of my education. My

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1029 words - 4 pages is more than I can bear.... how can I escape from this oven of life that sentences me to an inescapable doom beyond these iron walls? I can almost hear their smacking, hungry lips waiting to suck the savor from my soul. Not even my salt will be left, only the odor on their breath, Only my memory.I don't remember my creation, when I was first conceived. In fact, I don't know any other pretzels, who have made such a claim. All I know is what I've

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937 words - 4 pages have found beauty in them all. I have embraced a variety cultures foods, views, music and struggles. The say America is a" melting pot" and I feel this term is my identity. I don't feel I have to act, walk, talk, or live my life in any one set way. Being an American, I have the option of being free to express my identity in any way I choose. I'm not tied to one tradition and can experience them all. I love my ethnic roots but they do not define me, I am more than what anyone can view from the outside. I'm like an onion you have to peel back the layers to know who I am on the inside.

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