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Justice Denied: Rubin "Hurricane" CarterCrime SceneAt Approximately 2:30 in the morning on June 17, 1966, two black men robbed the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, NJ, and fatally shot three white men.The InvestigationPatricia Valentine, an eyewitness who lived in the tavern above, immediately reported seeing two black men flee in a white car. Four minutes after the shooting a Patterson police officer chased a white car that fitted the witnesses' description, heading out of town. Unfortunately the car got away. Upon his return the same officer stopped another car located 14 blocks away from the Lafayette Bar, leased by Rubin Carter. Inside he found three, not two, black men, including Rubin Carter in the back seat. The three men told the officer they we're returning home from a local club to get some money. Because the officer saw no signs of weapons, and the driver was not speeding, as well as the fact that there were three men instead of two, they were not detained. Around 15 minutes later the same car was found outside the La Petite Bar, while five minutes later the car was seen again, this time with only two occupants inside. Because the white car now seemingly fit the description of a fleeing suspect, police escorted both men to the scene of the crime. No one at the scene identified Carter or Artis as the killers, and when they were later taken to the hospital, where surviving victims fighting for their lives, did not identify either of the men. While in custody, both men took a lie detector test. Carter's lawyer maintained both men passed it, while prosecution claimed the results could mean the men didn't commit the crime themselves, but most likely knew who did. At 7p.m on June seventeenth both men were released free of charge at the time.Around the same time as the shootings at the Lafayette bar, Alfred Bello stood lookout either inside or outside the bar, while his accomplice Arthur Bradley attempted to break into a factory close by. Sometime between July and October of 1966, the same two criminals were told that if they could identify Carter and Artis as the two men responsible for the murders, they would both receive leniency for their charges, and Bello could possibly receive an award claim of $10,000, offered to information associated with the Lafayette Bar killers.On October 14, 1966 Alfred Bello signed a legal document stating that he had seen John Artis and Rubin Carter outside the bar close to the time of the murders. In direct relation to his claim, Carter and Artis were arrested and later accused of triple murder.Forensic InvestigationThere was no forensic investigation involved in the mystery of the Lafayette Bar killers.IdentificationThe two most obvious people involved in the case were John Artis, and Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Rubin Hurricane Carter had just finished serving in the armed forces and was on the verge of a second fight for the boxing middleweight championship. He was also known as an associate of radicals...

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