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This Means War Essay

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Is a terrorist group planning to attack your country with a biological weapon? Bioterrorism has grown in past years because of the price, effectiveness, and how easy it is to make that type of weapon. It is estimated that 17 countries have the technology to develop biological weapons (Kaufmann, Meltzer, and Schmid n.p.). Anthrax is a good example of a biological weapon because it causes spores that will cause death or severe pain. Most biological weapons can be classified as a virus or a disease. If the world was sent into an all-out war it would be blown into the Stone Age because of the effects. The effects range from destruction of crops or livestock and incapacitating people. ...view middle of the document...

p.). Countries should be thinking about safety because most terrorist groups have access to biological weapons. This is a global issue that the BWC should handle. The BWC is similar to the United Nations because the BWC deals with problems about biological weapon attacks (Schneider 1). Biological agents are a growing problem and we need to stop them before it becomes a major problem. Not only do humans have diseases but animals are one of the main causes of bioterrorism.
Bioterrorism actually has benefits because the U.S. can take out most third world countries by sending one biological missile. This is helpful because if the U.S. is attacked we have a backup plan to protect ourselves. Single people attacks are growing in the world because it is almost impossible to track them. Countries are developing ways to counter attack and find ways to cure the disease that would be catastrophic (History of Bioterrorism n.p.). No American soldiers have been injured from biological weapons. It is a cheaper way of producing weapons because of the way to make it. The U.S. really doesn’t have to produce biological weapons because animals in the forest probably could infect just as many people (Bioterrorism n.p.). Biological weapons are very inexpensive but can cause mass extension which will destroy earth (History of Bioterrorism n.p.).
Bioterrorism has repercussions because the whole world can be destroyed by an all-out biological war between all the countries that have access to biological weapons (Bioterrorism n.p.). Terrorist groups can get their hands on these weapons and use them in destructive ways that would result in large death tolls. The world can be made into a waste land by an all-out attack (U.S. Government Lists of Bioterrorism Agents and Diseases n.p.). Some leaders are using them to kill their own citizens. We cannot control when groups use biological weapons or how they get them. It is illegal to use biological weapons and countries will be convicted of war crimes if they use a biological weapon (Thavaselvam and Vijayaraghavan n.p.). An example of this is Saddam Hussein. Hussein turned against his own people and used the agents to kill most of his citizens. Lots of people will die if there is a war because biological weapons cause terrible affects and the agents are just as horrific (Bioterrorism n.p.).
Bioterrorism is going to be thorn in our side later on because most countries will develop the...

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