This Is A Cause And Effect Essay Explaining How Education, Free Speech, And Contraception Contribute To A Free Society.

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Vehicles of FreedomWe have the privilege of living in a free and open society, a society kept afloat on an open sea of oppression by providing and allowing education, freedom of speech, and contraception. Through readily available education we establish a citizenry with the opportunity to communicate clearly and understand each other in ways unavailable to a less educated people. Freedom of speech is a necessary vehicle for navigating the treacherous waters of a free democracy. One can not extol the benefits of contraception in the modern world too much, for it has done more for the economy and civil rights in the last forty-three years then most would suspect. All of these things are vital driving forces on our ship of freedom.Untold suffering has been caused by limited resources and disease. These are not new issues for humanity, nor for any living creature. These are the issues that we have faced since time immemorial. And since time immemorial, we have overcome adversity through our innate human talent for learning. If there is one thing that consistently dominates the "golden" periods of our history, it is education and the technologies provided to people through education. The modern world is simply a reflection of the old world; the names may have changed, but our goals remain the same: we want to eat when hungry, sleep when tired, have medicine when we are sick, and provide these things to our families. Education allows us to do these things better, education from and for people like Dr. Norman Borlaug.It is impossible to underestimate the value of Dr. Borlaug's research at the Rockefeller and Ford research foundations, where he formulated a wheat hybrid that has fed literally over a billion people ( Dr. Borlaug's research has saved more people than that of anyone else in history. All of this was possible because he had available to him large institutionalized education and research facilities.What does food production have to do with freedom? Everything. It is hard to imagine, but as recent as one hundred fifty years ago, 80% of our population was employed in agriculture ( Today, through modern farming techniques we have the ability to grow more food that is more nutritious and cheaper to produce than that of our predecessors. All of this technology has reduced the number of people employed in agriculture to 3%, freeing us to pursue other fields, like pathology, which has released people from the threat of common but lethal disease like plague.Starting around the fourth century B.C.E. and leading up to the mid nineteenth century we battled with bubonic plague. The bacteria that caused bubonic plague was spread to Europe by the Mongol invaders that brought with them the plague infected fleas and rats. At the time of the last big epidemic in London in the summer of 1665-6, there was very little education available to understand the spread of the disease. Nobody knew that the...

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