This Is A Film Review On "This Is Spinal Tap", Directed By Rob Reiner, Which Is A Cult Favourite Around The World.

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The movie This Is Spinal Tap- "a fine line between stupid and clever"- is just that. This "mockumentary" of a fictitious rock band has kept viewers laughing for nineteen tears, and is still going strong. Going so strong that, I would rate it eleven out of ten.The band consists of David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean) who is the lead singer, Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) who is the lead guitarist, and Derek Small (Harry Shearer), the bassist. Throughout the mockumentary, David creates a troubling love triangle without realizing it, Nigel is like a mopey teenager where nothing goes his way (he's the "obtuse" of the love triangle), and Derek plays the "luke-warm water" middleman.The director in the film, Marty DiBergi (Rob Reiner), brilliantly captures the satire throughout scenes that ridicule the life, including the ups and downs, of a rock band. He captures not just any rock band, but a group that is touring America during their downfall, and is losing fans, or has already lost fans, by the millisecond. Every band has their rise and fall, but unfortunately, their rockumentary had to be filmed in their "post-downfall."In 1984, Spinal Tap created a rumble through America. The band eventually toured the United States in character, because of such a demand from their fans. It was also the inspiration to such mockumentaries as Bad News Tour, More Bad News, and Best In Show (Which Christopher Guest directed). Similarly to Best In Show, Spinal Tap follows the elements of a documentary, while satirizing the reality of the subject, such as archival footage, interviews and location shots. Not only did Spinal Tap "tap" into America at that time, but also memorable moments live on the hearts of America. Such moments as when Nigel Tufnel had a fit about how the large bologna pieces were too big for the miniature pieces of bread. What made the scene so satirical was that he couldn't fold the bologna without folding the bread, which reflects on the reality that rock stars aren't the brightest (maybe it's all the drugs?). The stupidity of the rock stars then streamed into communication problems, such as, the eighteen-inch Stonehenge monument.Despite all of the success of the movie, there were a few glitches. For instance, because everything in the film was a joke, there was not enough reaction time between lines and often I found myself missing jokes because I was thinking of the last one. Also, because archival footage, interviews,...

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