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The cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki) is a fish species of the family Salmonidae native to cold-water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean, Rocky Mountains and Great Basin in North America. Cutthroat trout are popular gamefish, especially among anglers who enjoy fly fishing. The common name "cutthroat" refers to the distinctive red coloration on the underside of the lower jaw. The specific name clarki was given to honor explorer William Clark, coleader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Cutthroat trout usually inhabit and spawn in small to moderately large, clear, well-oxygenated, shallow rivers with gravel bottoms. They also reproduce in clear, cold, moderately deep lakes. They are native to the alluvial or freestone streams that are typical tributaries of the Pacific basin, Great Basin and Rocky Mountains. Cutthroat trout spawn in the spring and may inadvertently but naturally hybridize with rainbow trout, producing fertile cutbows. Several subspecies of cutthroat trout are currently listed as threatened due to habitat loss and the introduction of non-native species. The cutthroat trout type species and several subspecies are the official state fish of seven western U.S. states. (Full article... )
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... that since the Nile perch was introduced into Lake Victoria, the cichlid Haplochromis vonlinnei (pictured) has become "critically endangered" and may be extinct?
... that when twin fetuses lock together during childbirth, the first twin is sometimes decapitated to save the second?
... that Michael Schofield started playing American football because his younger brother did?
... that Mozart Distillerie claims to use "soundmilling" - playing the music of Mozart 380 times into their chocolate liqueurs?
... that in the early 1980s, a team of surveyors discovered the World War II-era Avro Anson Memorial near Clackline, Western Australia, which had been overgrown by shrubs and trees?
... that celebrities desired to appear on The Adventures of Ellery Queen although their solutions to the mystery were usually incorrect?
... that publicity about its outing club led to one university receiving 300% more applications for admission?
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Militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant capture Mosul, Iraq.
All the Way wins Best Play and A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder wins Best Musical at the Tony Awards .
In tennis, the French Open concludes with Rafael Nadal winning the men's singles and Maria Sharapova (pictured) winning the women's singles .
At least 36 people are killed in an attack on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan.
In horse racing, Australia wins the Epsom Derby and Tonalist wins the Belmont Stakes .
An estimated 35 people are killed in an attack on a village in South Kivu,...

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Abortion: This is my argumentative essay for my college english class. I received an A on this paper.

1487 words - 6 pages disappoint her parents by going to them with the dilemma. She felt her only option was abortion. I remember having very long, in depth conversations with her, trying to persuade her against the abortion. I also told her I was there for her no matter what her decision would be. Going through this experience with my friend is what brought me to argue pro-life.The biblical argument against abortion is a little tricky. The Bible doesn't say anything about

This is a Reflexive Essay on a near death experience that changed my life.

867 words - 3 pages being blessed this day, thus concludes the most memorable moment in my life.The great impact that this had on my life is evident in the way I view life more conscientiously. I do not take a single thing for granted. After noticing all that I could have been lost, I no longer worry about what I do not have, but instead I am thankful for what I do have. My concern for my friend and family has greatly increased. I have begun living my life rather

"Savannah" This is a Narrative/Descriptive Essay I wrote for my english class.

1262 words - 5 pages everything takes place.I pull the door back, take my shoes off, and step onto the soft cream carpet entering the den. I smell the same smell I have smelt for eighteen years, and it's a smell that I can find only in this house. The smell is indescribable, but it's their smell and it's the best smell in the world. There his chair sits right in front of me, still looking brand new. Looking around I spot that old brown stove. He always likes to keep it

This essay is about my personnal theory that all humans live a co-dependant life.

736 words - 3 pages Lucky enough to have been blessed with the gift of life and a great pair of parents, it has recently come to my attention that I was introduced into this life tailored in diapers and I'm going to leave it the same way. Maybe a life in diapers is how I'm meant to live. Maybe a life in diapers will insure my survival. As sad of a discovery this was, I've learned to accept that a life in diapers maybe isn't as bad as I once thought.I began life

This is an autobiographical essay pinpointing a particular life changing event in my life.

831 words - 3 pages dressing room to see my friends. I was approached by eight or nine giddy girls all talking at once. "I'm so nervous...Oh my god what if i trip...Did you see all the people out there... I can't wait until this is over... I'm so going to cry...I can't believe we're finally graduating!" I responded with big fake smiles and insincere congradulations. Not only was I felling shameful but I became full of envy. All of the sudden I wanted one of those ugly

This is an essay on how to improve education in my opinion.

1245 words - 5 pages "Beyond Standardization: State Standards and School Improvement." They discovered thatteachers stopped giving essay tests to create more tests like the standardized ones to help prepare the students (Shepard 2). How is this in fact helping students if they are just learning to take a test instead of learning critical thinking which will help them in their work areas in the future?To illustrate how education needs to be altered we should view the

This essay is about the close reading of the poem. Oh captain my captain.

783 words - 3 pages . "But O heart! heart! heart! E5) imitates the rhythm of the human heartbeat, which has stopped for the captain. It also depicts the adrenaline rush, which makes the heart beat in faster repetitions. This description followed by; "O the bleeding drops of red! Where on the deck my Captain lies, E(6-7); conveys an image of the sailor watching the man lying on the deck without life, but is not convinced that he is actually dead. The situation, "Fallen

this is my essay about the dangers and uses of tobacco.

1309 words - 5 pages shows that youth that smoke cigarettes are fourteen times more likely to try marijuana then those who don't. The ingestion of nicotine results in an almost immediate "kick" because it causes a discharge of epinephrine from the adrenal cortex. This stimulates the central nervous system and other endocrine glands which causes a sudden release of glucose. Stimulation is then followed by depression and exhaustion, causing the abuser to

This is an essay about my committment to the future of the U.S.

644 words - 3 pages My commitment to the security and future of the United States of America is based upon basic morality as well as enlightened self-interest. As citizens of this country we continuously reap the benefits that the United States has to offer its people. And for this one simple reason we owe it to our country to make an effort to somehow give back.In any era there are different protagonists, playing the same game on a similar board. Like a game of

This is a essay comparing my town with the town in the play "Our Town"

1074 words - 4 pages . Baptist is down in the holla' by the river. Catholic Church is over beyond the tracks." This shows that in Grover's Corners religion was probably very important to the people. In Lewistown, there are many churches like the Assembly of God, there is many Methodist Churches, and there is quite a few Catholic Churches. Like in Grover's Corners religion is fairly important to the people of Lewistown. The many churches in both Lewistown and Grover's

This is an essay on the person who has influenced my life the most. It is titled "The Ideal Woman".

660 words - 3 pages a small hump in the middle.After talking with my grandmother you would have noticed that more than physical appearance, however, she possessed an inner beauty. She had an outgoing personality, and people were drawn to her because of it. One thing about her that stands out in my mind is her laugh. Her laugh was contagious, and when she laughed you couldn't help laughing with her.My grandmother was also a very patient woman. I remember one time

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1629 words - 7 pages how the author wrote the book but how language arts is taught. The ethical judgements related to banned literature limits the knowledge available for the students. However, the students can gain the same level of education, knowledge and entertainment from the other books. Therefore, knowledge can still be gained even with ethical judgements. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger is a book I read in my Language A English class. This was a banned book

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899 words - 4 pages Charon by: The creature walked through the deserted town of Samadie. Her legs felt strange. She was used to sand and rocks; the...grass, she heard...was to much for her. They tickled her pawed feet. She heard a noise behind her. A human girl ran out from a... what is it...bush. The child, not knowing what this creature was or where it came from, ran behind her and clucthed her leg. A spike fiend was chasing her. The vile creature jumped at the

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533 words - 2 pages struggling to survive. I am convinced that increasing individuals' access to education can make the difference between despondency and hope. I am applying for my doctorate in educational leadership so that I can pursue my life-mission: to make education accessible to all. I began preparing for this mission by volunteering as an intake coordinator at the Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM). Although I had many responsibilities, the role that

This Is My Outline For My Essay On Having A Career As A Dancer.

986 words - 4 pages dancing, it is really hard to become a dancer. I don't want to lose hope and give up my dream, it happened to many people. There are so many people auditioning for the same role it can't be so easy. If I get picked for a big role I will have to commit to being there every day for rehearsal and never missing a performance, it's like having no life outside of dance. 10. After researching this career, do you think that this occupation would be a good