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The blanket of life stretches across the valley as the wind blows calmly over the tips of the mountains. The endless plain of dust and hot dry dirt seems to have no occupants, it is as if the ground hasn't been walked over for years until now. I stretch my arm out to touch the occasional flash of light that seeps through the clouded sky and, for that moment, I question its surroundings, as it seems clouded yet feels barren and heated. My first abstract notion is that of touch and as I try to use that sense , I feel the misted air and its polluted surroundings. I force a couple steps forward sniffing with my snout stretched out in the air – the odours becoming more clear and disturbing while finally coming to a conclusion, they smelt of burnt dry grass, however there seems to be no grass in sight. Suddenly, the endless silence is broken by a fade into a chaotic rumbling. The sound grows more wild and eventually becoming unbearably loud. Just then in the distance behind a cliff, a cloud of dust appears and out of it comes an invitation in the form of a pathway. It is seemed quite dusty and only there for a few minuets when it disappeared into the warm light air. Several minutes later, this messy elevated road re-appears. Unintentionally I walk as I am forced to follow this road across its barren wasteland.

This mysterious road is the centre of my life. As I grow up in a large, bustling city, I have learned early that my life is governed by the importance of roads and pathways. Day in and out I pass these roads, master and scrutinise the paths over my long and winding journeys. This mysterious road – this centre of my life, is not physical realm but is a spiritual experience that I undertake on a daily basis. There is a fine line drawn between morals and ethics, and the quest of my life is to determine the appropriate balance. This specific road, signifies the line between the spiritual and physical, which played an important role in the dominant teachings acquired from others. This road ,which channels through the centre of my insecurities, is the very phenomenon that I am growing to love but being forced to hate.

The mysterious road is the centre of my life. Physically is seems so insignificant however spiritually it represents my forceful life, how it is portrayed and who controls it. There is no way out, there is no way in, but my influential thoughts draw me to become one with...

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