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The New At&T, How They Drive Diversity

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IntroductionMany businesses today practice diversity. Corporate diversity enables companies to hire and promote people from all walks of life. Overall, it allows for less discrimination of any kind in the workplace. Once upon a time, corporate America did not promote diversity. Before corporate diversity, women and minorities were not recognized enough to gain high positions. People who lived certain lifestyles were not accepted in the workplace. Before corporate diversity, it was difficult for some people to advance in their careers and some people just were not treated equally to others. In this paper, I will discuss one of many companies that happen to be dedicated to diversity.
How AT&T addresses diversity and its impactAfter reading many articles, I find that AT&T has ranked very high on the list of companies that promote diversity. According to Nicole Pickens, a writer for AT&T newsroom, AT&T achieved its highest-ever ranking from DiversityInc, an organization that has become known as a catalyst for moving diversity from a compliance mandate to a serious business discipline. AT&T ranks third on this year’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity list for its commitment to diversity in the workplace and marketplace. The company is also included on two of DiversityInc’s specialty lists, ranking No. 1 among the Top 10 Companies for African Americans and No. 3 among the Top 10 Companies for Recruitment and Retention. (Pickens, 2007)AT&T’s diversity program entails a variety of components. According to the AT&T’s corporate website, diversity and inclusion are essential components of a successful business strategy. They have a rich heritage of diversity that has given the company a competitive edge. By respecting and including different viewpoints, AT&T has been better able to serve their customers, employees, business partners and the communities. (AT&T, 2007)The Workforce Inclusion program is one part of the diversity program at AT&T. In fostering diversity and inclusion, AT&T has created a better business environment, one that makes the company an employer of choice, a preferred business partner and an important contributor to the community. (AT&T, 2007)Women make up 42 percent of AT&T's managers, above the average of most Fortune 500 companies. Twenty-eight percent of AT&T’s managers are people of color, compared with 12 percent people of color in management nationwide. In 2007, DiversityInc ranked AT&T No. 3 among the Top 50 Companies for Diversity for its commitment to diversity in the workplace and marketplace. The company also ranked No. 1 among the Top 10 Companies for African Americans and No. 3 among the Top 10 Companies for Recruitment and Retention. In 2006, AT&T's tuition program assisted nearly 3,000 candidates, 58 percent of whom were women and 38 percent were people of color. Since 1988, hundreds of recently hired college graduates have successfully completed AT&T's Leadership Development Program, 45 percent of these employees...

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