The New York City Subway System

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The New York City Subway System, or the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), has become the “life line” of New York City (NYC) since people are reliant on the subway system for commuting to different places within the city. One such person, who buys this fact, is a person by the name of SunDo K, who runs and owns a restaurant business in Cypress, California. He claimed in his profile on Yelp that, “One of the best part about New York City is traveling via the subway.” Now there are also acid twists and turns into this. Precisely there are many others out there whose judgment matches flawlessly the same with K. They find the MTA quite advantageous of there way of going around town, while there are other people, who find the system comparatively exasperating, and disappointing for its following: punctuality, fare, overcrowded, and filthiness. Though few peoples’ psyche has been launder by the term “detestation” for New York City’s subways (Tubes), they are the ones who are going to notice a hole in their pocket as other approach of transportation call for more money in addition to not being safety as well. One such example can be found at NYC’s taxi cab. Periodically few New Yorkers tends to believe that Tubes makes their ride trouble-free, efficient, inexpensive, as well as comfortable experience. Some people also trust the city’s subway as one of safest way of roaming around the city than other transportations. What’s more gossiping is the fact that, both safety and security happens to be Subway’s primarily concern according to the MTA.
A good chunk of people in the Big Apple (New York City) feels that the MTA makes their ride efficient, cheap, easy, and convenient way of getting around town. On a scale of 1-10, New Yorkers ranked the subway system 6.4 of their over satisfaction for the NYC subway system according to amNew York’s Heather Haddon, which was recently published in a short article by Benjamin Kabak in the Second Avenue Sagas. At the present moment, the current subway fare is $2.25. Perhaps this is least expensive ride you will ever get to witness in your entire life to get yourself around and experience New York City for just $2.25. Now at the same time there are other types of people, who find $2.25 to be a very big sum. Not only those people find the fare very expensive, but also discover the subways to be very crowded along with an unpleasant ride. Seeing these aspects, if those people yearn for other means of transportations such as city’s taxi cab, they would apparently have shell out more money out of their pockets. For example, if you go from 179th street to Coney Island Brooklyn by a taxi cab, it will charge somewhere between $35-$40.00, while the “F” train can you there for only $2.25 at air –condition experience. Alex Marshall, a Senior Fellow at The Regional Plan Association in New York City, who not only enjoys the Subway ride more than other transportation, but also likes to chat a bit with the unknown...

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