“This One’s For The Girls” Essay

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“This One’s for the Girl’s” recorded by Martina McBride is written by Chris Lindsey, Hillary Lindsey, and Aimee Mayo. It was written to encourage women of all ages to be themselves regardless of the various difficult situations they may be facing. The song also advises girls of all ages to live in the moment and enjoy every minute they have because life flies by. Martina McBride’s recorded song is helpful to girls around the world by its optimistic tone and motivating theme.
The tone of this song is hopeful. It tells women of all ages to stay true to themselves, even when everyone else around them is changing. This is mostly relatable to teenagers attending high school. In the song it says, “Hold on to your innocence, stand your ground when everyone’s giving in”. During high school, children are introduced to various new things, such as: drugs, sex, and alcohol. It is the students’ personal choice whether to give in to these new ...view middle of the document...

The last line is eye opening. “Yeah, we’re all the same inside, from one to ninety-nine”. Every person is different on the outside, but inside they are all facing individual situations. People realize that they have their own struggles, but often don’t take into consideration that other people around them are struggling also. Everyone, no matter how old, has something happening in their life right now that effects them daily. No matter what the situation is, one has to be true to who they are and cope with what their situation as best as they can because he or she isn’t alone. The song outlines the various important years of a woman’s life and gives examples of experiences that may be happening at those ages. It illustrates the value of time. Many kids spend their whole childhood wanting to grow up and graduate school, but do not realize those are the best times. After school, finding a career, making money, and raising a family is all there is left to do in this life. The first line of the last stanza shows that time is valuable. The lyrics say, “This is for all you girls about forty-two, tossin’ pennies into the fountain of youth,” This expresses the women who were once kids wanting to grow up now are yearning for their childhood years back.
Growing up, this song has helped me get through the impossible. While I was in high school, I had to face many challenging events. The most difficult situation was when my father got diagnosed with leukemia. Coming home from school and seeing the side effects from the chemotherapy killed me inside. There were many times where I thought to myself, “why me?” but then I realized that I wasn’t the only one going through something like that. In fact, many other people were facing more difficult situations than me. I would turn this song on, and suddenly, I would gain strength and continue my day because of its uplifting lyrics and beat.
A meaningful song not only has great lyrics, but also a clever rhyme scheme or theme. A song that gets one through the tough times and the easy times has an uplifting beat and is very motivational. “This One’s for the Girls”, performed by Martina McBride is a helpful song to a woman any age who thinks they are fighting their difficult situations alone.

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