This Paper About The Art Of Printmaking, And How It Is Done In Other Countries. There Are Specific Examples As Well.

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At a time where the American people are living in a state of limbo between fear and power, a piece of home is much welcomed. Those who lost loved ones in 9/11 or in the continuous war look for memories in the (smallest) things. Objects in a family room tend to keep memories, and the mere sight of them releases these memories. This idea is shown through a very elaborate chandelier photographed by Edward Bernstein in three separate prints, Constellation I, II, and III.Edward Bernstein uses light and shadow to portray the good and bad of the past. Just as a memory can be fuzzy and hard to grasp, the print is blurry and almost illusive. The pale lights suggest distance, and even someone (the viewer) being swallowed by an empty, lifeless room. Chandeliers of this size don't usually appear in homes, rather they are hanging from intricately designed ceilings of ballrooms and hotels. They give a sense of high class with a touch of elegance. Just looking at this print reminds most of proms, large occasions, awards, and even dark funerals. The light, which almost looks flickering, gives a sense of fading as if the memory is fading also. The chandelier has three tiers which are all connected by glass strands of hope. The shadow effectively gives the viewer a sense of past and presence, with the light representing the present, near future. The movie, Blow, showed the cocaine dealer's house in which he had a large chandelier. He valued his dining room in which the chandelier was placed, and throughout the movie you could see the good and bad, even what the future held. To him, this was the centerpiece of his family life in his household.The long curved, lifeless limbs of the chandelier and the rusty look of the base give it a worn look representing its actual age. Elaborate tiers and actual candles differ from modern chandeliers in which bulbs are replaced yearly. Chandeliers have almost become commonplace in homes of average families. The particular chandeliers in this piece of art are Venetian Murano glass...

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This essay is about divorce in todays society. IT contains facts and figures as well as a bibliography of works cited. I got a good grade on this paper for my comp II class.

2066 words - 8 pages camaraderie, and teenagers are especially quick to detect this falseness. These families also break up at much higher rate than other step families (62). Matriarchal Step families As the name suggests, in this type of step family the mother plays the dominant role. These families often occur when a single mom finally remarries. Since she is used to carrying the full parenting load, she will continue to do so. These families are more successful

This research paper is on advertising and alcohol. There are facts about how media and advertising portrays alcohol in our society today.

1308 words - 5 pages skiing in the mountains combined with a catchy quote, such as, ?Tap the Rockies?. Another place you will notice the use of alcohol is in many movies, nowadays, such as, American Pie 2. Movies such as these display teenagers drinking alcohol and enjoying themselves. It is advertisements and movies such as these that are causing controversy between anti-alcohol campaigners and beer and wine makers. Are these portrayals of alcohol influencing teenagers

In this paper there are five questions asked and answered about the Stanford Experiment conducted in 1971. The questions are about the ethics of the experiment.

2135 words - 9 pages Discuss the ethics of the Stanford Prison Experiment. In your answer, be sure to touch on the parts of the experiment that may be considered unethical, why the study was conducted the way it was and what was done to protect the subjects, and whether you feel that under the current ethical guidelines this study could be conducted today.Ethics is thought of as a moral principle, or what should be right. The experiment that took place in the summer

This essay is on Magneticly Levitated Trains.... It explains basicly how they work as well as how they have a future in transportation because they are very efficiant.

880 words - 4 pages cost effective and very envromentally friendly. Because it has no moving parts there is very little wear and tear. There are plans to have trains ready buy 2005. NASA as well has voiced intrest in the project. Because it uses no fuel NASA would like to test launching rockets with the MagLev technologie. It would accelerate spacecraft to speeds of 1000km/h and then catapult the craft into orbit. This would save the millions of dollars spent of fuel

Postcoloniality and subaltern studies are studies done regarding a specific culture influenced by colonialism but the perspective in which they are done is different.

952 words - 4 pages Postcoloniality and Subaltern StudiesPostcoloniality and subaltern studies are studies done regarding a specific culture influenced by colonialism but the perspective in which they are done is different. Postcoloniality study by definition is a specifically post-modern intellectual dissertation that consists of reactions to, and analysis of, the cultural effects of colonialism. Subaltern studies on the other hand is the analysis of the

This is an essay about abortion. It is well researched and has many good points. This is an excellant paper

1233 words - 5 pages will get into a pregnancy that have no idea what they are doing. They may get scared and decide to just have an abortion because they aren't ready to have a child. A woman may feel that this will end all of her hopes and dreams for the future. They may or may not realize that there are other options such as adoption. However, what the woman decides to do, in my opinion, is completely her choice. The being that is growing inside of her body, is

THis essay is about American Prison Reform, the many changes, as well as both sides of the issue- DOes it need to be reformed? It also concludes and solves the issue.

2122 words - 8 pages ) stated in an discussion on Sunday, May 26, 2002 "When released the ex-prisoners can't hack it the real world and it becomes a vicious cycle of recidivism."Another largely debatable topic within the prison system is inmate labor. For decades prisoners have completed jobs for low wages. For some it provided training for when they were released, others a change in the otherwise drab day in prison. There are many views on this aspect of the prison

This essay is about how the emotion pity can effect the situations inwhich a person is placed in. It gives different fictional examples and explains how the emotion affects the person.

584 words - 2 pages kinds of changes depending on a person's circumstance. This, however, is not a good thing because there are always people in the world who do not care about others and can "con" someone and take advantage of them. Although pity can be good or bad, it is mainly shown as a sign of weakness in a person. It can make someone decide to do irrational things for another and bring them in danger. People say that having a ruthless leader would be bad, but

Consumption - The Uses of Thinks. Description: it is about the se of things in our consumer world in comparison to other cultres and believes... (descripteve images are missing)

2750 words - 11 pages meaning to objects means lying to the consumer. Most products, brands and labels these days live from an illusion that has been created around them. The image they posses decided about their value and position within the global market.Their image is their capital.However even if consumption inherits a negative connotation for most people in the Western World I doubt that any offspring of modernism and post-modernism ever go back to a state where everyone just invests in objects when there is a need for it. The example of the Real Communism during the Cold War tried to realise this idea and failed.

"Benjamin Franklin" Is about his childhood and some of his iventions as well as other intersting facts

740 words - 3 pages , ammunition, and other provisions for the army as well as volunteer troops. When the colonists won their independence in 1781, I helped negotiate the peace with England and signed what ultimately became known as Treaty of Peace with Great Britain (1782).Now that the colonists were free and independent, it became necessary to decide what type of government would be established. Even though I was not in my prime and my health was starting to fail, at

This is a essay on the state of Georgia. It gives geographical facts, as well as information about famous people from the state.

1465 words - 6 pages -growing lands of the South. Moreover, at about that same time, crop yields began to fall, and it became clear that nearly 200 years of constant cotton cultivation had ruined the soil. Efforts were made to vary the state's farm economy. As a result, many cotton lands were planted in other crops or switched over to pasture. Cotton cultivation was resumed after methods were found to control the boll weevil, but cotton acreage was greatly

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1084 words - 4 pages work of art but where as the storm, man and nature are working against each other, the calmer painting offers a harmony between the two of them. Some other differences include the opposing diagonal lines in the storm painting which helps to create the feeling of uneasiness, whereas in the other painting the lines all point the same direction, which causes a certain comfort. The lighthouse is included in both paintings but in one, it is the