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Summary of"The Most Evil Character" This is the story of "The Most Evil Character" and in this summary, I intend to prove Jack should be the least to be labeled the most evil character. Through out this summary we will be labeling a "good guy," "bad guy" label to some of the characters, and I will explore the deeds of these characters in order to determine who is the worst. The names of the characters under the pressures of the investigation are Mom, Professor Brown, Victor, Jack, Dean, and Dad.In the story "The Most Evil Character," Jack, who is an adolescent college student struggling with his grades, is pressured by his mom to get his grades up. To slave Jack into getting his grades up she has told him, "that under no circumstances will he get the car or the trip that he has been promised unless his average goes up one full grade". To improve his grades, Jack's term paper in psychology must be unadulterated. When Jack turns in the paper, Prefacer Brown tells him the paper is disgraceful and will fail the class if he dose not improve his work, and has until 9 a.m. the following day to turn in a worthier term paper. Jack decides that he is inept to write a better paper himself, so he hires Victor to write his paper. After Jack turns in the paper, the true writer of the paper blackmails him for more money. If Jack does not comply with the request, he will be turned in for cheating. Jack can not come up with the money and cannot tell his parents that he has cheated. The least guilty of the six is first, the Dean, for he played no real role in the story, other than every school needs a dean. The Dad is not guilty for he was not around and was therefore not mentioned much. Now finally we have Jack, the victim in the story, whose judgement is distorted by his mother's threats and blackmail. His...

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995 words - 4 pages to Victor. The creature even feels guilt over the innocent people he has killed and the torment he put his creator through. Despite Victor's actions leading the creature to commit evil deeds, the creature finds in himself to feel regret in the end. Throughout most of her novel, Frankenstein, Mary Shelley establishes a them stating no one can be born evil but the life a person lives turns them evil. The creature becomes a monster everyone believes him to be after continuous rejection and abuse. This is the reason why readers become more sympathetic towards Frankenstein's creation than any other character in the novel. Works Cited Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein.

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