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This Paper Argues That Aristotle's High Minded Personality Would Not Make A Good Friend, And Examines The Works Of Aristotle.

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In this paper, I will argue that Aristotle's high-minded person will not make a good friend. By identifying that a high-minded person will not befriend an inferior one, there is no dispute that Aristotle would not make a good friend.Friends are mirror images of themselves. They will reflect back what is good as well as what is not good about each other. This is why the high-minded Aristotle would not make a good friend to most people. High-minded people are the best at what they do. In philosophy, Socrates is high-minded in that no one really compares to his philosophical ability. No individuals can compare themselves to Aristotle, as he is far superior intellectually and philosophically. This leaves Aristotle to be a bad friend because he is superior to anyone wanting to create a friendship with him. "Persons much inferior to them in station do not expect to be friends with kings, nor do insignificant people expect to be friends with the best and wisest men"(228). Just as an average person would not expect to befriend someone superior, the high-minded Aristotle would not befriend an average person. By being so superior, Aristotle would be mirror his image to a friend, and reflect back how inferior the friend is in comparison to Aristotle. This would not develop into a long lasting relationship, as both sides of the friendship would eventually become unhappy with the other. Aristotle would see his friend as being unintelligent and become tired of his ignorance. The friend would feel stupid in comparison to the high-minded Aristotle and so would not be able to tolerate the relationship. Examples of this are found in everyday life. People segregate themselves in accordance with many things including intelligence. In school, kids who are smarter than others tend to bond with those of the same intellectual level. The younger children stay away from the older ones and vice versa for the reason that both sides cannot tolerate each other's intelligence levels. If they were of equal intelligence levels, the younger children may be able to identify with older children because they are similar in this respect. Unfortunately this is not plausible so the younger children will always be viewed as immature in comparison to the older.Through Aristotle's own philosophy, he explains why he himself would not make a good friend. I feel that I have made a solid argument as to why Aristotle would not make a good friend. No one would expect Aristotle to have many friends, as he would be far superior to anyone offering any kind of friendship. His own philosophy states that someone far superior like himself is not likely to befriend anyone. The argument is particularly strong in that identifies not only why the high-minded Aristotle would not make a good friend, but also as to why an average person can't become friends with Aristotle.The largest objection to my argument would be that Aristotle would make a good friend because, being high-minded, he would know what is...

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