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This Paper Compares And Contrasts 'click & Click' And 'click And Brick' Establishments Using Swot Analysis'

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Click and Brick PaperThe definition of a" click-and-brick" organization is, it has both an online retail channel as well as a physical retail store. The definition of a "click and click" establishment is, it has no physical retail store, just an online retail store. With the overall world-weariness over "click and click" companies has now led to the resurgence of "brick-and- mortar" companies to enlarge their web presence leading to a new incarnation called "click-and-brick" establishments. Online sales of prescription drugs are growing. In 2004, 17.4 million people visited online pharmacies, all due to low prices, convenience, less restriction, and more selection. Despite the popularity of online pharmacies, the legitimacy of online drugs is a concern. In this paper, the writer will compare and contrast a "brick and click" pharmacy; Wal-Mart, with a "click and click" pharmacy; utilizing a marketing SWOTT analysis.In any business it is imperative that the business be its own worst critic. A SWOTT analysis forces an objective analysis of a company's position in comparison with its competitors and the marketplace.Click & ClickOnline "click and click" pharmacies provide patients with an alternative to the local "brick and mortar" traditional pharmacy which are organizations that performs their business off-line selling physical products by means of physical agents. These e-pharmacy stores are attracting a growing number of patients to their sites. However, e-pharmacies have generated controversies too. Some sites use 'cyberdoctors,' others dispense drugs without prescriptions and some allow customers to import prescription medications. The following is a SWOTT analysis of A company's strengths are its internal resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a competitive advantage.* Strong brand names and large selection available* Cost advantages; sales tax free and duty free, no pharmacist dispensing fees* Cost savings of not having to build and operate retail store* Time saving with no long waits and off hours ordering to fill prescriptions* Current database system that automatically checks the patient's history from all channels to see whether he had previously ordered medication that might adversely interact with the new prescription.* Interactive marketing allows for greater flexibility in managing elements of the marketing mix. E.G. Online marketers can adjust prices in response to changing environmental conditions, purchase situations, and purchase behaviors of online buyers.Weaknesses: These are internal considerations that must be strengthened to ensure success.* Unregulated.* Lack of direct communication with a pharmacist.* Consultation with the doctor prescribing not required.* Do not have to maintain policies to assure patient confidentiality and protect patient identity and patient-specific information from inappropriate or nonessential access.* No...

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