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This Paper Describes The Crime Of Cyber Crime And How To Prevent It From Happening To You.

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Cyber Identity TheftIdentity theft is a crime that causes damages to a person that can last a lifetime. One of the ways peopleT's identity is being stolen is through the use of the internet. Cyber Identity Theft is becoming very popular and is a problem that every person that uses the internet needs to be well aware of. For most people once it has happened it is too late to for them to recover from the losses. People are damaged financially, as well as, emotionally. This affect can ruin their lives and it something that in the worst case they never recover from. This paper will tell of people's lives that have been affected by this crime, ways to protect yourself from it happening to you, and finally ways these criminals are prosecuted.Cyber Crime CasesPeople are affected by identity theft every day. Some people do not catch it on time because it can be something that would only be known if they were involved in any police activity, looked at their credit report, or applied for credit. Their lives are ruined and sometimes very hard to get back.Bronti Wayne Kelly is a victim to identity theft, in May 1990 his wallet was snatched. Kelly thought of it as an old fashioned wallet snatching and reported to police his wallet only contained $4, along with his driver's license, Social Security card, and military ID. But seven months later, Kelly was working as a salesman in the Robinson-May department store in Riverside. While at work he was ushered into the personnel director's office and told he had been caught shoplifting by security guards in another Robinson's. Kelly produced a letter from his air force commanding officer saying that he was on duty when the crime occurred, but he was fired anyway ( Kelly looked for a job but was turned down everywhere. Luckily Kelly's work as a mechanic at the local air force base earned him about $700 a month. His six year reserve stint was up in June 1993. With no job in sight, Kelly filed for bankruptcy to stave off bill collectors. He was evicted from his apartment. Kelly would stay with friends and sleep in his car. Kelly tried to get food stamps and some assistance from the government. Because he does not have a residence he was unable to get assistance. He would try to get a job but his name was in a database that exchanged information about employees and the shoplifting charge was in this database. Kelly submitted his fingerprints to authorities to prove he wasn't the culprit. The police then gave him a "Certificate of Clearance" which states that the police had determined that Kelly was not the person arrested ( Even with this Certificate Kelly still can't get a job because Kelly's records are still on file just in case the man that is committing these crimes gets arrested, the police will know that he is impersonating Kelly. This will haunt Kelly forever.Another victim John Harrison, a Connecticut salesman has spent over 2,000 hours trying to reclaim his life after having his...

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