This Paper Discuss How Important Having An Education Is. It Discusses How Formal Education Guarantes Power Among Society.

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Formal Education Guarantying PowerIn my opinion, I think that formal education is the key to empowerment for everyone. To me power is having the ability to be a leader and be effective in the rural world. In order to be a leader and be effective one must have some type of education. Most jobs in today's society require one to have a high school diploma. If one does not have a job he or she really cannot be effective in today's society, because nothing is free in this world.In a book I read, " Leadership, Authority, and Power sharing", by Henry Clay Lindgren, there was little said about power. "By power, we mean the faculty of getting others to do things, willingly, or unwillingly. And this is a due to our hostility, because a leader is a person who can get us to do thing that we might not want to do. The power a person has over us, the less freedom and individuality we have" (57). Today most of our leaders and the one's who make important decisions have formal education, college degrees, and PhD's. You can't have legal power unless you have some form of education.In the book "Dimensions of Freedom", by Felix E. Oppenheim, it was said that acts of power are not necessarily deprivatory, and there are deprivations, which do not constitute relations of either, control or not have freedom (Oppenheim 97). Having power does not keep one from enjoying, but " to have power is to be capable of exercising power, that is to be able to subject others to one's control or to limit their freedom"(100). In most cases, in order to limit one's freedom one must be in charge or head of something that requires education.As Gatto said in the story "The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher", "Good people wait for an expert to tell them what to do. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that our entire economy depends upon this lesson being learned. School as it was built is an essential support system for a...

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