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This Paper Examines Current Foreign Policy Vis A Vis Israel. The Paper Suggests A Solution To Further The Israeli Peace Process.

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The Jewish, Islams, Americans, and all Mid-East countries have been continually affected by the daily events in Israel and the West Bank. An optimistic atmosphere for peace presently prevails. As diplomats work on what they hope will be the final outcome of the Israel-Palestine peace process, the American media and government are becoming aware that the deliberations may reveal a historical perspective that differs from a previously accepted perspective, and that an appreciation of this revised perspective may be essential in forming an acceptable solution to the Middle-Eastern conflict (Perrson, 1979.)Unless the optimism translates into reality, the world may accept a longer term pessimistic scenario which predicts a number of assumptions: Israel will eventually not be able to successfully repulse the far greater numbers of its antagonists. Also, Israel will be forced to use its full military capability to maintain its territory and could bring several countries into an atomic war. The nation's safeguards and defense will propel it into extreme human rights violations of the Palestinians and result in their possible dissolution. Another possibility is that the Jewish people, due to their consistent support of what the world could perceive as Israel's tyrannical actions, will suffer greatly from antagonisms, almost to the point of extinction of Judaism as a strong religious force (Perrson, 1979).If the peace process is not supported, the United States people will suffer from terrorism, war and economic upheavals. Islam will be forced to fight for its survival, especially for its holy sites in Jerusalem. Famous Jewish luminaries have echoed these fears. The violinist Yehudi Menuhin, in a speech to the Israeli Knesset stated, "Israel's political intransigence and unwillingness to make concessions to the Palestinians will further suppress the old values of Judaism" (Menuhin, 37). The philosopher Martin Buber wrote in 1961, "The world is captured by the mid-east turmoil and yet is complacent about the eventual results. And those concerned have not been able to evolve a workable strategy to prevent the great shock" (Keely, 2003)One cause for the failure to evolve a workable strategy has been due to basing decisions on selective facts. The final stages of a welcomed peace process demands that the historical facts are correctly portrayed so that knowledge and reasoning can dictate an equitable solution. Since, from a U.S. perspective, Israel has been the protagonist in the mighty drama, the country that has occupied center stage, investigators will focus on significant Israeli actions during the past 50 years (Stein, 1991). Major aspects of the investigations will be the establishment of the state of Israel, leading to the refugee problem, the Mid-East Wars, Israel's population expansion, and the ignored UN Resolutions.The nation of Israel was commenced by the United Nations on November 29, 1947 (Bar 1982). The U.N. also partitioned Palestine, though in...

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