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This Paper Deals With The Evil Between The Characters In East Of Eden As Well As How They Affect One Another.

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East of Eden is an in-depth look at different people who are all related to one another and the effect they have on each other. Written by John Steinbeck, this book deals with good vs. evil in Salinas Valley during the early 1900's. It also displays the amount of evil that is in one family and how it grows among people. Caleb and Cathy are the main characters with evil boiling inside of them. Cathy, the most evil character, leads a different life in the second part of the book and changes her name to Kate. The book also describes Caleb's desire to become good. In the Trask family, primarily Charles, Cathy and Caleb, we see the work of evil and the effects these evil characters have toward each other and also toward the other Trask family members.The character that represents the most evil is Cathy, later known as Kate. As a child, Cathy has evil personalities: "When I said Cathy was a monster it seemed to me that it was so" (Steinbeck 184). She devises evil plans and has an evil mind that makes her like a monster. Howard Levant states, ." terms of a serpent, from the shape of her features and her flickering tongue to her dislike of light" (Levant 379). Cathy, like a snake, has evil qualities that are with her throughout her entire life.She wasn't a normal girl like the other girls in her town. Cathy dresses different, and she enjoys her style (Steinbeck 74). She also has another strange characteristic; she enjoys thoughts of sex. Cathy, at a very young age, realizes that she holds power when it comes to sex: "Cathy learned when she was very young that sexuality with all its attendant yearnings and pains, jealousies and taboos, is the most disturbing impulse humans have" (75). She later starts to experiment with her thoughts of sex and one day takes it too far. While Mrs. Ames, Cathy's mother, is outside, she hears giggles from the barn. Mrs. Ames goes into the barn to see Cathy lying on floor: "her skirts pulled up. She was naked to the waist, and beside her two boys about fourteen were kneeling" (76). Cathy's experiment and the boys claiming that it was Cathy's idea shocks her parents and the town (77).Cathy grows up, and her life falls into Adam and Charles Trask's life. Adam finds her beaten, and he rescues her from death. Cathy spends a lot of time with the Trask's, and Adam falls in love while his brother Charles hates her. Charles says to her, "I don't trust you" (116). Against Charles's advice, Adam marries Cathy. They are complete opposites: "Cathy represents evil as Adam represents good" (Levant 377). Adam is a good person, and this draws Cathy to him. She holds power over him, because he is good and she is evil. They later move to Salinas Valley where Cathy learns that she is pregnant. While the doctor is examining Cathy because she is ill, he discovers that Cathy has been stabbing herself to try and kill the baby (Steinbeck 134). He finds the weapon she uses to harm herself and the baby: "He stepped to the bureau and picked up a...

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