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This Paper Is A Literature Review Of Studies That Were Based On The Impacts Of Mega Events And World Fairs

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AbstractThis paper is a literature review of studies that were based on the impacts of mega events and world fairs. The major focus was placed on sporting events such as the Olympics. Several of the significant impacts that were analyzed in this report included social impact, legacies, urban regeneration, tourism, and socio-economic factors. The current paper will attempt to explain the guidelines and procedural process that a city that is in contention to host the Olympics must go through in order to even be considered as a possible candidate. Furthermore, this paper includes a case study which attempts to outline and highlight important aspects of the upcoming 2010 Olympics, which are to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia.IntroductionThe Olympic Games, as we know it, began in 1896. Since its conception, it has survived a few harsh obstacles including wars and boycotts. In the beginning, up until 1990, both the summer and winter games were held in the same year. However, after 1990, it was decided that it was in the best interest of both events that they be held on separate years. The Olympics, whether it be the winter or summer games, are held every four years respectively. The two games occur two seasonal games take place two years apart from each other, providing entertainment for the public on a more consistent basis. For example, in 1992, the Summer Games were held in Barcelona, it was not until 1994 that the winter games were held in Lillehammer. Moreover, in 1996 the Summer games were held in Atlanta.The Olympic committee was not the first to utilize this type time of separation in between sporting events. In fact, the World Cup of soccer and the European Championship developed this strategy in order to allow soccer fans to enjoy a higher brand of football on a more consistent basis. According to the author Harry H. Miller of Mega-events, Urban Boosterism and Growth Strategies (2000) states, "Hosting a major sporting event creates a huge spotlight" on the host city, and moreover, it would be ethically and economically unjust to allow one city to reap the rewards of such an event while other cities went without the benefits of it. Any major events are a result of large undertakings intended to spur local economic development by attracting tourist and media recognition for the host city. Within the past decade, developed or undeveloped cities from all over the world have become quite interested in hosting the Olympics solely because of the perception of major and positive impacts such as attracting tourist, "gaining an international profile" (Miller, 2000) and generating income. As well as the likely impacts towards environmental and socio-economical areas, host cities tend to put a great emphasis on the economic implications of the Olympics and tourism development. Although economic impact analyses prepared by or on behalf of Olympic advocates have demonstrated economic advantages from hosting the Games, "potential host communities...

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