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This Paper Is A Personal Story Of My Travel To A Part Of Town That Has A High Amount Of People Of A Particular Ethnic Make Up. It Was Part Of A Personal Experience For A Education Class.

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Title: Field TripAmerica is sometimes referred to as a 'nation of immigrants' because of our largely open-door policy toward accepting foreigners pursuing their vision of the American dream. In cities across the United States you will find people of every race ethnicity, ethnocultural or cultural group, some more diverse than others. Unfortunately, in some places, we blind ourselves to the richness of what some cultures have to offer?the history, the values?preventing ourselves from experiencing the true joy of knowing the root of humanity as it can be known in any form. Would it be so difficult for us as a nation to open our minds and explore different cultures, understanding each other to the degree that "hate" is removed from the equation?I live in a town where there are a wide range of cultural, ethnic and ethnocultural groups. There are Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians and African Americans yet even these groups can be subdivided into smaller groups. For example, there are subcultures of the Caucasian cultures, some of them who are closely tied to their European roots. There are many Asian cultures in the town where I live such as Hmong, Korean and Laotian. And there are also subcultures of the African American population, some whose roots are from the country of Africa some who do not consider themselves African at all, but who call themselves Black and whose roots are from South America.Regardless of the diverse demographical nature of this town it feels familiar to me because I have lived here for 25 years. Throughout my high school years, I can recall a place where I would drive by, never stopping and never thinking twice about it. It was a part of town close to one of the colleges where we had soccer practices and games.One Saturday afternoon, a friend and I decided to return to this area of town for two reasons; one to have some lunch and two, to complete this assignment. The people who live in the part of town I am referring to are predominantly Hispanics. As we walked around looking at the shops and food places, the people...

Find Another Essay On This paper is a personal story of my travel to a part of town that has a high amount of people of a particular ethnic make up. It was part of a personal experience for a education class.

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1330 words - 5 pages implemented into our school day routine. We would learn about politics, world affairs and general history knowledge. These things would make us more educated and more aware of the world around us. Tolerance is something that can only come with understanding, and if these classes give us more understanding, and more tolerance for others than this can only be a good thing.I'm Ryan, and I am running for the academic portfolio. I want to make sure that we all are given the best opportunity to excel in life, and this can only happen, if we are prepared, and ready for our life ahead. And this will happen if I am chosen to represent you on the Education board of Hervey Bay.

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819 words - 3 pages as References in the APA format (Aaron 353, 397). Not to mention if you have more than one source, footnotes should be provided in the MLA Format. Also, there is an incredible difference in the way you document sources within your paper. I must reiterate how much of a challenge there will be for me to format documents. Nevertheless, I have every confidence that I will overcome this temporary obstacle.By pursuing my education, I would hope to

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1144 words - 5 pages mentions how she is not a normal daughter, and how at her marriage he was going to tell Russell that he should reconsider this. He does not want to get involved into her life and considers her unripe. It is only after he is called in to help his daughter run off Russell, he starts to see a few things differently. While he is talking to Russell, the act of making him get onto a plane and running him out of town seems very odd to Hank. Because this is so

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1448 words - 6 pages all educated people in this example have used their education for a good cause. They have applied it to make money and get criminals back out on the streets in the process.Another example of an educated person is a politician. For a piece of humor, look at the word "politics." Poli means many, tics meaning blood sucking insect. Many blood sucking insects. Most of them being lawyers you then must deduce that some of themcan be liars if you accept

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