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This Paper Is About Different Kinds Of Employee Benefits. From Health Insurance To Dental Insurance And Savings Plans.

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The pathologists here at the Jeffersonian institute work very hard and are a necessity that this institute cannot exist without them. Pathologist need employee benefits such as health insurance, time off, retirement and savings plan. They also need a dental plan and long term disability insurance. If the pathologists that are employed here get those items the chance of them staying here for a long time is guaranteed. So this is my proposal.Health InsuranceThere are a few health insurance policies to go with there are Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, an HMO, health investor PPO and a heath investor HMO. The first one Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO would be a health insurance where the employee can pick his or her own provider also they offer preventive care to help the employees stay healthy. If the employee chooses a network provider they pay $250 for just themselves and $500 for their whole family a year. They would also have prescription drug coverage, lower co-pays and deductibles. If the employee were to choose a non network provider they would pay $750 for themselves and $1500 for their entire family. It would not cover prescriptions and their co-pays and deductibles would be higher (Florida Gulf Coast University, 2008).Under a standard HMO plan you have to do to a doctor that is under the HMO also they do not treat pre-existing conditions. With a HMO for an individual it would cost $1500 and for an employee with a family it would cost $3000. The good thing about this is plan is the co-pays are low, there is no deductible and it covers prescription medications (Florida Gulf Coast University, 2008).With a health investor PPO you have the choice to see what doctor you want to see. If the employee chooses a network provider he or she would pay $1250 a year for themselves and $2500 a year with a family. If the employee used a network provider they would have a lower deductible and cost free preventive care coverage. If the employee went with a non network provider they would have a higher deductible and less than 50% coverage on preventive care (Florida Gulf Coast University, 2008).Finally there is the health investor HMO which means you're only aloud to see a doctor that is on the list. It would cost $1250 for an individual and $2500 for a family yearly. Then there is the fact that the deductibles are very high. The best plan to go with that will be the cheapest for the Jeffersonian institute would be to have the Blue Cross Shield PPO. To figure out how much it will cost to cover your employees you take their yearly cost and multiply it by the percentage of employees covered. For example with the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO if you had ten individuals with this type of health insurance it would cost the company 25 dollars a person to insure them (Florida Gulf Coast University, 2008).Time offTime off for things such as vacation, sick leave and personal days should be based on time with the company. For a person employed for one year they should receive 5...

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