This Paper Is About Imperialism In India. I Had To Write It For My Ap World History Class After I Watched The Movie "Gandhi."

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Movie: GandhiThe movie Gandhi was about the impact Mahatma Gandhi made on India ingaining its independence from Britain and how the Hindus and Muslims utilized non-violentprotests to achieve this goal. This film reflects imperialism in the sense that what went on in thevideo clearly supported the exact definition of the word imperialism. Imperialism is the policy ofextending the rule or influence of a country over another country. Indeed this was the case inIndia during the time of Gandhi, this was what he was fighting against.Gandhi was an Indian lawyer educated in the United Kingdom. He was on his wayto South Africa to be legal advisor to a firm down there. Upon arrival, he was treated in such amanner that is unthinkable to present day people, but was a reality for thousands of Indianimmigrants to South Africa at that time. He decided he would join in the struggle for basic rightsfor his fellow Indians. Gandhi's efforts towards a better way of life had begun in South Africa,and after he moved back to India, there too became a colony directly effected by imperialism. Ofcourse the presiding country over these colonies, Britain, was also effected by imperialism, moreso, the reactions colonists had to it.Britain tried to exert control over South African immigrant Indians. They weremade to carry around some form of passport-like identification which allowed them to be in thatcountry. After Gandhi made a movement in South Africa where he burned his passport, andothers did the same, the British government decided they would no longer require theimmigrants to use passports. Instead they had to be fingerprinted, "like criminals", Gandhi said.This too upset the Indians and they rebelled against it. Too many new and similarly unjust lawswere being passed and under the leadership of Gandhi, were being peacefully fought against. Inaddition to the new laws, the British took it upon themselves to entirely alter India by means ofgovernment. What is was that Gandhi mainly fought against was British imperialistic rule. Hefelt India should be home ruled. The British developed police called sepoys and gave the Indianmen British weapons to use, such as muskets.As touched on earlier, colonists...

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