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This Paper Is All About Jitter And Wander On A Transmission Line. It Contrasts The Difference Of Jitter And Wander

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Jitter is variability in latency, or delay. Jitter is also the tendency towards lack of synchronization caused by mechanical or electrical changes. It is the phase shift of digital pulses over a transmission medium (Newton's Telecom Dictionary, 18th Ed.). In lemans terms, jitter is the short term "shaky" pulses or slight movement in time or phase that can introduce errors and loss of synchronization on an amplitude modulated signal.If there is jitter on a transmitted signal it could lead to the degradation in system error performance, slips in the timing of a circuit which would lead to errors on the circuit and the distortion of the analog signal after the decoding or the digital signal has taken place. There are several different causes for jitter. One reason for jitter could come from the conversion from analog to a digital signal or vice versa. If the timing on a circuit and on the equipment that does the conversion of A to D and D to A is not properly matched and in sync the circuit could take errors and cause jitter. Clocking and where clocking comes from could cause jitter. For example, if the 5ESS provides the 'master' clocking on a T-1 line for a customer, the customer's PBX must 'slave' timing or accept the timing from the 5ESS. The PBX must do all of the clocking needed from the master source. If the PBX was set up to be the master and the 5ESS was also the master there would be clocking errors causing jitter on the circuit. Another cause of jitter can come from bad or faulty cabling. If copper cabling is not...

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