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This Paper Is About Salvidor Dali The Greatest Artist

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For my artist report I chose Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist painter. Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali was born in the small town of Figueras, Spain on May 11, 1904. He came from a middle-class family and seemed to express a great interest in art from the very beginning. He read many books about art as a young child and had a completed his first oil paintings at the age of eight. At this point he was sent by his parents to live with the Pitchots, an artistically gifted family who lived in the country not far from Dali's hometown of Figueras.As Dali went into his teen years he began to paint constantly. Most of his works were of the local landscapes and scenes of Spanish domestic life. In 1921 Dali enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in Madrid hoping to expand on the base of Impressionism that he had gained as a young man living with the Pitchots. At the school Dali toiled in the newest styles including Cubism, Futurism, and Purism. It was while he was at the school that Dali would establish a reputation for eccentricity that would define him for the rest of his life. In 1923 Dali was suspended for one year due to insubordination, and subsequently expelled not long after he returned to the school.In 1925 Dali had his first public show, at the Daulmau Gallery in Barcelona, displaying paintings done in traditional as well as Cubist and Purist styles. The next spring Dali made his first trip to Paris where he met Picasso and was given a private tour of his studio. It was a year or so later when Dali would make his first contact with Surrealism. A major influence in Dali's exploration of Surrealism was his friendship with filmmaker Luis Bunuel and poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Another critical influence to all of Surrealism was Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams.The main goal of Surrealism was to tap into the artistic capabilities of the unconscious mind, to realize all of the possibilities that exist deep within. The "technique" that Surrealists used to conjure up these images was to induce a sort of trance-like state as to fully expel all of the creativity in all parts of the mind. Dali became a master at this and his paintings rapidly matured into the form that would make him the world's best -known Surrealistic artist.In the period from 1929 to 1937 Dali produced his best-known purely Surrealistic paintings. The most famous of these was "The Persistence of Memory" (1931) that depicted melting clocks distributed throughout a calm beach-like scene. Dali's trademark background was an eerily calm, bleak desert-like landscape that resembled the landscape of his home in Spain.Dali's work never seemed to be affected by the events going on in the world at the time. For example World War 2 was raging as Dali was coming into prominence as a painter, yet we never see any paintings reflecting these events. Perhaps this is because the style calls for a trip deep into the painter's mind where the problems of society would not lurk. After he painted the most...

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