This Paper Is An Analytical Essay On The Us Intervention In The Iraqi Conflict.

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On March 19, 2003, after much debate and protest, the United States began Operation Iraqi Freedom. What was originally intended to be a swift, effective liberation of the Iraqi people has become a drawn-out, controversial conflict. Now, the coalition is faced with many new and pressing decisions. As the hostility intensifies in the Middle East, people in many nations are asking why the United States is still in Iraq. The thin line between assisting and acquiring Iraq is being scrutinized. While days turned into months for the coalition soldiers in conflict, the focus of the conflict seemed to change from disabling the Iraqi regime to maintaining peace until now maintaining peace until the country can be stabilized. However, in order to achieve success in Iraq, the United States needs to concentrate on satisfying the initial goals of the conflict.When President George W. Bush addressed the public on the war taking place in Iraq, he noted three main goals. The first goal was to liberate the Iraqi people. Next, the United States was to eliminate Iraq's weapons of mass destruction (WOMD.) The last goal was to end the regime of Saddam Hussein. By achieving these goals, Bush assured the public that a free Iraq would more likely turn against terrorism and cruelty and begin reconciliation and reform. These three goals were his verbal agreement for the public's approval of intervention. Now that the country has been seized by the United States, it is important to question the fulfillment of these goals and implement plans for resolutions.First, the Iraqi people must be liberated. Although major steps towards improvement have taken place, the people of Iraq have not yet been given freedom to rule themselves. Also, one in five Iraqis, or 4.6 million people, suffers from chronic poverty. Despite literacy programs, which taught hundreds of thousands to read, and the creation of a United Nations recognized health system, Hussein and his regime imprisoned the Iraqi people within their own country. Hussein regularly tortured and executed any opponents to his cruelty. Also, he brutally gassed his own people. Many Iraqi citizens tell anecdotal testimonies of family members being exiled or kidnapped by the government. One man even revealed that he had hidden within a wall for twenty-two years to avoid death for his beliefs. Although Hussein's wealth was estimated five billion dollars, the average worker is lucky to make a few hundred dollars a month. These examples explain why the United States is still intervening in Iraq. By the United States simply being present in Iraq, the citizens are temporarily protected to a great extent from further maltreatment. Now the United States and the United Nations must design a program to continue aid. Food needs to be supplied until the economy can be reconstructed. Medical aid needs to be available for those without financial means. Since oil is such a valuable resource, there is no reason for a shortage of jobs once the...

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