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This Paper Is Over Discrimination In The Workplace. I Will Discuss An Incident Of Discrimination That I Experienced As A Relative To The Victim.

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AbstractThis paper is over discrimination in the workplace. I will discuss an incident ofdiscrimination that I experienced as a relative to the victim. Along with a detaileddescription of this event, I will compare the rights of others who are not consideredemployees of an organization as they pertain to this case. This is written in APA format.Discrimination any situation in which a group or individual is treated unfavorablybased on prejudice, usually against their membership of a socially distinct group orcategory. Such categories include ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, age, and disability. Discrimination applying to the equal availability ofemployment opportunities, housing, and goods and services is widely legislated against.Racial discrimination, treatment of individuals unfavorably compared to others on thegrounds of their race. The right not to be discriminated against is a staple in severalinternational conventions on human rights, and in many national constitutions. Theability to sue for damages is also a right in many discrimination cases. I chose a casebased on sexual discrimination because I had an aunt that experienced such an incident.While it never went to trial and was settled out of court, many federal employment lawsthat have been enacted, apply to her case.There are different forms to claim sexual harassment according to federallaw. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, "quid pro quo" is the claim myaunt had made in her place of work. As a single, 23 year old teacher who just graduatedcollege, she accepted a job teaching at an elementary school. She quickly becameuncomfortable with the principal of that school who was constantly flirting with her.After the kids were let out at the end of the day, the principal found many reasons toeither come to her room or call her to his office. Most reasons were frivolous and heeventually asked her to go on a date with him. When she refused, he became upset andbegan making spurious claims about her performance. He threatened to fire her if her"job performance" did not improve although her great work ethic was well known by herother colleagues. Luckily, my aunt had witnesses who could and were willing to testifyto her excellent work as a teacher. In many cases, a young teacher who is fresh out ofschool without experience or references, can be fired immediately without question. Thisprincipal had a reputation (it was a very small town) for being a jerk and was not verywell liked by others employed in this school district.The formal definition of quid pro quo is when a person in an authoritative positionsuch as a supervisor, demands sexual favors of their subordinate as a condition to keepingtheir job. Most of the time, the one who does the harassing is involved with the victim'swork environment. They are usually in a position to make evaluations that can affect theperson being harassed. Such was the case with my aunt: her boss wanted to date her...

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