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This Paper Studies The Opportunitied And Problems Faced In Public Sector Human Resource Management

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IntroductionFor human resource personnel looking to broaden their perspective, the text Public Personnel Administration is a compilation of articles from leading writers in the field of public personnel management. The subjects treated run the gamut of personnel issues, but most noteworthy are the articles on public ethics, and civil service reform.The history of human resource management can be traced back to the early 1900s. Human resource managers' original function was to control and influence the relationship between businesses and labor unions. Although human resource management was originally seen as a necessary evil to deal with labor unions, currently human resource managers are recognized as an essential part of any successful organization.Human Resource Management focuses on securing, maintaining, and utilizing an effective work force, without which organizations cannot survive. Human Resource Management involves a variety of activities, which include recruitment, and screening of prospective employees, the study of training needs, preparing human resource forecasts, the development of compensation systems, and an understanding of the laws that effect the performance of these activities.In the past decades, due to significant shifts in the size, and mobility of the work force, HR managers have been forced to adjust their thinking as well. The tasks which they perform have not changed, but the manner in which they perform their tasks has been revolutionized by computers, the internet, a workforce with a greater average educational level, and a greater level of customers' expectations, and a greater level of government involvement. These forces have also forced a change in the workforce. Many employees, whether in the private or public sector, are no longer content to find a 40 to 45 hour per week job. An educated and socially aware workforce desires a job that is meaningful, and that will fund their lifestyle that exists significantly outside the walls of their offices. In light of these changing priorities of both the worker, and employer, the HR manager's position also has changed from a paper shuffling recruiter to a savvy manager who must keep his or her finger on the pulse of his organization's needs, government regulation, the needs of the populace they serve, and the working public's desires.The Setting: Competing Views of the WorkforceThe social, political, and economic trends that have become catalysts in the transformation of public personnel administration have arisen in response to the functional weaknesses of public sector. The evolutions in the marketplace have been slow in coming to public sector organizations. Often bogged down in real or perceived bureaucracy, the public sector work force has remained focused on the immediate tasks at hand, rather than evolving the culture they serve. To understand this dichotomy, Donald E. Klingner's essay defined the competing perspectives of public personnel administration. By...

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