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This Part Is For Veterinary Medicine School

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Through my work that I experience with animals as a technical assistant at the animal hospital and researcher to participate in several animal relative research labs; I realized my responsibility for caring for animals in my future. Even though my jobs were a small part of the veterinary work, it made me realize my desire to become a veterinarian, and that was a good chance learn more about animal's behaviors and what veterinarian's roles are. I also believe that my summer work in an animal hospital demonstrates my strong interest in and enthusiasm to becoming a veterinarian and I feel to choose Ross ...view middle of the document...

Most advantage biology course was animal physiology, which includes animal structures, growing, and classification, that was applied in evolution, cell biology, biochemistry, anatomy, biodiversity, genetics, physiology, and ecology.My families as well motivate me to serve in biological science field. They occupy relative hospital works. My mother is a doctor, my father used to work a social worker in a hospital, and my older sister work as a dietitian in National Children Hospital. Especially, my mother sacrificed herself to be a doctor for my sick father. I want to follow in my mother's mind and to open up a new biological field but relative job as my families have.I am looking forward to concentrating to study the global pandemic between animals and humans. Like avian flu and bovine spongiform encephalopathy, these global pandemic are devastating animal population and these transmissible viruses infected animals to humans what lethal consequences. Among medical experts bring out some solutions such as vaccinations. However, the responses of this vaccination are in disappointingly, the high percent of people got some other mutated virus problems. I feel strong enthusiasm to develop another safe solution for these world big issues so I can bring to world to be safe and the animal and human live together safely. This is a goal I have had under consideration for few years and which my recent experiences have only reinforced.

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