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This Particular Study Aims To Evaluate The Care Given To A Patient Diagnosed With Leg Ulceration.

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This assignment is concerned with developing skills in the ability to relate theoretical knowledge and evidence, obtained from nursing literature, to a patient for whom caring for. This particular study aims to evaluate the care given to a patient diagnosed with leg ulceration. It will focus on the wound management and bandaging system used, however one important aspect of the successful care regime is the nurse patient relationship (House 1996). This will be assessed to establish if the interaction between the patient and nursing team bore any influence in the care given.The patient will be called Geraldine, this is to act in accordance with the code of professional conduct, set by the Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC) (2002) section 5.1, not to breach confidentiality of the patient. Geraldine is a 78year old lady who lives alone. She enjoys walking reading and gardening. She has a daughter who lives near by and visits every day to help with her mother's general care. Gerldine's daughter works part-time but always fits her in each day.Geraldine fell in her house and cut her leg, causing a wound to occur around the outer gaiter area of her right leg. She thought this would heal, however 6 weeks later there were no signs of the lesion closing over. She contacted her GP who sent a referral form to the leg ulcer clinic, asking for an assessment to be completed. It was established from the lesion that this was a small leg ulcer.Dale et al (1983) identifies a leg ulcer as a lesion of the skin below the knee, which has not healed within six weeks. According to Williams, (1999) there are several types of leg ulcers. Some are named here as arterial, venous, diabetic, rheumatoid or necrotic.Before treatment can commence assessments are required. It is essential to identify which factors predispose patients to ulceration to determine the underlying causes. Management of different types of leg ulcers are treated with different therapy so making accurate diagnosis imperative (Duncan 2000). A holistic approach to care should be adopted taking into account physical, psychological, spiritual and social factors for the patient (Shipperley 1997). Care needs must be met for the individual needs of each patient. If this is achieved, healing rates of leg ulcers have been seen to significantly improve (Ducan 1999).In order to establish a systematic, comprehensive and constant assessment of a patient, written forms have been specifically designed. These are completed for each individual. In Geraldine's case the forms used had three sections. The first part is mainly personal details GP, next of kin situation at home, previous medical history, family history and previous leg ulcer history. Williams (1999) stresses the importance of getting in-depth patient history and that it helps nurses and medical staff make accurate informed decisions. Moffat (1998) agrees with this adding that underlying causes must be determined before planning a care programme.The second part...

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