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This Piece Was A Critique Of Adolf Hitler's View Of Propaganda. Excerpts From Mein Kampf. Page Numbers From "Audiances And Intentions" (Bradbury & Quinn)

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English 101Refutation or CritiqueCritique:Hitler's On PropagandaAdolf Hitler's infamous literary piece, Mein Kampf, illustrates his deep-seated hatred and resentment of the Jewish race, along with many other minority groups. In this book he outlines his plan for the Master Race, and the demise of all subhumans. However, in one section Hitler comments on the use of propaganda. He looks at the different times that propaganda has been used, both effectively and ineffectively. He denotes that from his experience of "Great War" propaganda, that if used correctly it can be almost a more useful tool than an army. Hitler describes propaganda and the use of it as "a true art which has remained practically unknown..."(325) Once Hitler describes propaganda, he goes on to examine its use in WWI by saying "But it was not until the War that it became evident what immense results could be obtained by a correct application of propaganda"(326) His objective look at the different use of propaganda and how it is applied is quite interesting.Hitler believes that with the proper use of propaganda, it is possible to help win a conflict by influencing the people of the home country, of the enemy country, of the troops or even carrying out a psychological war with enemy combatants. The way Hitler approaches his arguments, however, is at best confusing. He goes over his points again and again, but not in any order, sometimes repeating things two or three times. On pages 325, 327 then on 329, he repeats that the English were "brilliant in their use of propaganda"(325) or that the "tactics were psychologically sound."(327) and "the brilliant knowledge of the primitive sentiments [the Allies calling the Germans Huns], was adapted to this condition."(329) Although garbled and confusing, most all of Hitler's points are not only valid and sound, but very convincing as well, much like the man himself. Hitler was a very twisted and evil man, however, he was very convincing and devious. However jumpy it may be, his examination of propaganda is still lacking of major flaws. He doesn't try and cover up the mistakes that Germany made during the First World War, rather he goes on to point out all the mistakes made and how they could have been used effectively. He bluntly states "Did we have anything you could call propaganda? I regret that I must answer in the negative. Everything that actually was done in this field was so inadequate and wrong from the very start that it certainly did no good and sometimes did actual harm."(324) He then asks the question he believes as to what is the underlying principle of propaganda; "Is propaganda a means or an end."(324) he answers simply, that "It is a means and must therefore be judged with regard to its end."(324) He then goes on a tangent about honor and the struggle of Germany's human existence and justifies the reason for his ideas, not necessarily the ideas that could have been used at the time which would have been most effective. He...

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