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This Project Is Proving An Online Solution For The Consultant Company To Change The Process That They Are Currently Have

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1.0 IntroductionThis project is helping a global based company to design a system to cover the entire problem now they are facing about supply.1.1 Company backgroundB&E is a Danish company that has more than 10 retailer shops around the UK; the products now they are selling are major supplied from Demark. The problem they are facing is the communication channel, there is no motivated way for them to use actually cover the communication problem. Because sometimes the telephone order is taken by a staff, and the retailer ring them again for confirm and another staff take the order again, therefore duplicate orders have been entered into the system for multi supply. This kind of problems always occurs.1.2 SolutionAs one of the consultant try to help to solve the problem they are facing, one of the suggestion for them is using an effective online website to cover the problem they are having. This website will contain the supplier information, order form for supply and with the requirements that the company specified.2.0 Project Management2.1 Project ApproachesThere are three types of approaches that are commonly used. Each of which carry its pros and cons. It is difficult to say which is the best one. Before this, we need to gain an understanding of the principle underlying them.Type 1: Waterfall Model with iterationCharacteristics:1. Every stage is defined in terms of the activities and responsibilities of the development team members.2. Each stage terminates in a milestone defined in terms of the products to be delivered, such as system requirements specifications or coded and tested software.Type 2: PrototypingA software prototype is a quickly built system with the lacking of certain functionality. This process is iterative which starts with the basic requirements and then improve the system by adding more functions on it. The flow chart below shows the process of prototyping.Characteristics1. An initial system version that in the absence of any real process with limited functionality is built rapidly.2. User can be involved. They are able to define their additional requirements in the development process.3. Development iterates through the same development activities multiple times.Type 3: Object-Oriented DevelopmentCharacteristics of Object-Oriented Development1. It focuses on the object necessary to operate a given software application rather than on what tasks the application is supposed to perform.2. The goal is to create the ideal structure for the data being stored.3. Class and object implementation is logical, relevant, portable and most importantly reusable.2.1.1 Justification of Chosen Project ApproachThe most suitable approach for this project is the waterfall model, which is a proven methodology for building software. It provides clear stages to allow task specialisation. Task specialisation is very important for a business IT project that emphasizes the process rather than the result. Having said that, a good process will always...

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