This Project Will Seek To Investigate Two Ponds Of Apparently Different Ecosystems In Auchlyne Estate And Whim Village.

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Project TitleThis project will seek to investigate two ponds of apparently different ecosystems in Auchlyne Estate and Whim Village. By analyzing the number of organisms present and different parameters, it is hoped to garner conclusive data which will aid in the determination if in fact the specific ecology of each respective pond has an impact on the life present there.
Purposes of ProjectTo determine, compare and contrast the environmental conditions present in the two aforementioned ecosystems.
To analyze water temperature, water pH, water density and dissolved oxygen levels of these two ecosystems.
To gather quantitative data on the aquatic organisms present in these twoaforementioned ecosystems.
To identify problems with both ecosystems and suggest recommendations for possible maintenance or to suggest ways in which both ecosystems can be improved.
By considering the above aims. The purpose in its simplicity, sought to investigate the effects of environmental parameters on two pond ecosystems found in Auchlyne and Whim Village.
Methods of Data CollectionThis is with regards to practical work done by the researcher. The selected sites were visited with the aim of obtaining first – hand information on the named topic. Experiments were carried out and observations were made in determining the parameters affecting the ecosystems.
Water pHThe water pH was found by using a pH meter to test samples of water ascertained from both areas over the fourteen (14) day period.
Water TemperatureThe temperature of the water was tested by placing a mercury—in—glass thermometer in the samples from both areas. This was done over the 14 day period.
Dissolved Oxygen LevelThe dissolved oxygen level was found for both areas using a DO meter. Samples were collected and the DO meter was placed in them to determine the oxygen content.
Water DensityThe water density was determined by using the principle that ‘density is equals to the mass divided by the volume of the samples obtained”. An equal volume of the water found in both sites were collected using a measuring cylinder. The contents were weighed to find the mass. The mass of the (cylinder + sample) - (the mass of the cylinder) gave the mass of the water. Using density equals mass divided by volume, the values were entered and the density was found.
Organisms PresentThe organisms present were found merely by observing both sites and noting the type and how much organisms were seen.
Analysis Of DataWith regards to temperature, figure one—a combined bar graph—illustrates the results ascertained for this parameter over the fourteen (14) day period. From the graph it can be deduced that the temperatures of Pond A are higher than that of Pond B. The range of both ponds was between 25 oC and 31 oC. It can also be deduced that the temperatures fluctuate and was almost the same throughout the period investigated. The maximum and minimum temperatures for Pond A were 30 oC and 29 oC (from data table) and for Pond B were...

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