This Short Story Is Called "Fight For Justice". It Is A Story About War And The Horror Of Battle

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The Fight for JusticeAs if in a dream, bullets were flying past me in fast, swift motions trying to hunt me down. "Ahhh...." "Helppppp!!" The desperate screams of dying soldiers were heard as they were being shot down into the blood-stained dirt. I, Ryan Baker had joined the state guard to avenge the death of my family members and of my best friend, John who have been murdered by the national army. It is year 2100 and the United States government was lead by the national army, which is not only in complete chaos but is filled with corruption as well. The only obstacle hindering the national army to take over and dominate the country were the state guards. As a guard, I fully devoted my life and mindset to the betterment of the country in every single battle I was assigned too. Although I knew that I could die in a split second, I felt the fulfillment of my life in fighting for the good, the state guards, and trying to destroy the evil, the national guards.In this mission, our crew had been designated to rescue the hostages that were held captive by the malicious national army. Although our mission was near impossible, my comrades and I hoped for the best and just prayed for luck. To complete the operation, we have to first cross a hilly landscape to get near the enemy. Then, we have to sneak into their base, set a bomb, liberate the hostages, and run back into our base. To top all of this, the bombing has to be done towards the evening so we can be hidden in the shadows that will prevent them from killing us. Their base is a circular building that has fires shooting at us from each level. Besides the actual entrance, there is only one secret opening that is hidden to both enemies. It was marked by a special kind of gold light that is deflected off of a gold-plated panel on top of the secret doorway. All I had to do, was look for the secret doorway free the captives, then put in the bomb that would blow up the enemy. As soon as I would throw in the bomb, I would hustle my butt back to my own camp where I would be safe. Fear and determination clouded my mind as I made my way through the rough terrain, which is the first step towards our risky and dangerous task. "RYAN!!" As I hastily turn around to see who had shouted my name, I tripped over a dead bleeding body that had fallen down only minutes before. To my luck, as I fell over, a F2-35 machine gun fired (52 bullets per second) at exactly where I was standing up. My comrade who had saved my life was on the cold bare ground crying in fear of death as I saw his body conditions. One leg was completely torn off from the knee down, while the other was dangling as 4-5 bullet holes made its mark by the spurts of blood that would spray out every ten minutes. His hands were shaking violently as it turned white from gripping on to his gun for so long. His teeth were clattering and his mouth was blue from the freezing cold weather. I felt pity for this young and brave...

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