This Is A Biography On The Interesting And Exciting Life Of The Mexican Artist, Diego Rivera.

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Diego Rivera is considered to be the greatest Mexican painter of the twentieth century. He is said to have single handedly both changed the course of the nations art and to have had a profound effect on the international art world. He is credited with the reintroduction of frescoes to the modern art and architectural field. Rivera's tumultuous romance with the eminent artist, Frida Kahlo, and his controversial political views were, and still are, captivating to the public eye. In his various excursions to America throughout the 1930's he was able to portray his many unique ideas in public spaces and galleries, enlightening and inspiring both artists and laymen alike. Diego Rivera was born on December 8, 1886 in Guanajuato, Mexico. When he was but two years old his health was already remarkably poor. His doctor advised his parents send him to the country to live, away from the toxins and rush of the city. His parents found a beautiful Indian nurse, named Antonia, to care for him while he lived away. Antonia's medicinal practices were somewhat similar to a witch doctor's, in that she practiced medicine with herbs and magic rites. In the rural mountains of the sierra, Rivera was raised by a woman, a woman who showed him such kindness and affection that his love for her surpassed the love he felt toward his mother. Diego returned to his parents at the age of four. A year later his mother became pregnant, and in an attempt to preserve the details of childbirth until he was a little older, she informed Diego that his little brother would be delivered in a little box by train. Rivera, believing this tall tale, excitedly ventured to the depot box on the due date in anticipation for the delivery of his baby brother. To his dismay, no box was ever delivered. He returned home, only to find the baby already born. Rivera was irate, he became determined to understand the process and facts of pregnancy. He captured a pregnant mouse and slit open its belly with a pair of scissors. The minute he saw the babies inside, he felt so overwhelmed with fury and resentment that he hurled them at her accusing her of being a liar. His mother reacted to this by saying that in giving birth to Diego, she in fact created a monster. From as early as 10 years old, Rivera displayed tremendous skill as an artist and began to study in the evenings at the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City. At 16, he left the renowned school to protest the academy's emphasis on representational art. Not long after his expulsion, Rivera was reinstated, however he never returned, but rather worked independently for the next five years. In observing that Rivera was not accomplishing his goals in his chosen career, his father assisted him in attaining a scholarship awarded by the Governor of the Province of Veracruz, to study abroad. He arrived in Spain in 1907. While he lived there he managed to visit various other countries in Europe. He spent most of the next fourteen...

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