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This Is A Fictional Story That I Wrote Over A Period Of A Week.

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In Too DeepIf I only knew then, what I know now. I'm sure you've heard your parents say it many times before. You know that talk that they give you when you make a mistake that could have been avoided if only you had used a little common sense. Well, that was my predicament. I was caught in a jam, when in all honesty if I had just used my head a bit, I would never have gotten into trouble. These were the thoughts that ran through my head as I knelt on the ground worrying about my future and what my father was going to do to me.Wayne Robinson is the name that my parents gave me on that cold winter day on January 26th, 1980. I was too young obviously to remember, but my Dad tells me that it was the biggest snowstorm the city of Des Moines has ever seen.The city that I was raised in could not be labeled as large, but then again it wasn't the smallest city either. I grew up in the suburbs, the product of the typical television family. My parents were happily married with good jobs. My mother stayed home with my sisters and me until we were all old enough to go to school. I am the oldest of the three of us, and my sisters are only two years younger than I.I was the classic example of the midwestern boy. I played sports all throughout my grammar, junior, and high school years. I started out playing soccer, then moved on to baseball, and then on to football. The sport I took most interest in was football.When I wasn't playing a sport, I was busy with my studies. I maintained a 3.90 GPA, and graduated on the honor role. School was never really hard for me, because I always tried my hardest. That was the way my father raised me. He always said to me, "If you're going to do something, you better go all the way." I wish now, more than ever, that he would have never instilled this thought into my head.After graduating from high school, I took the next leap in my educational career. I had to decide where to go to college. I was begged by my mother to attend the college nearest to our home. This was exactly the opposite of what I wanted to do. I was ready to explore the world. The city of Des Moines was getting too small for me now. I had to go to a bigger, more extravagant place. I was growing bored of the Midwest life and I was anxious to find a new home. I mean I loved my parents and my sisters, but it was time to leave the nest. My decision was to move to the east coast. The college I had set my sights on was New York University. Figuring that since I had never been there before it had to be much different from where my residence was located, also it was the farthest college geographically from Des Moines that I could attend so I applied there. Within two weeks of applying, my acceptance letter arrived in our mailbox. I had been counting the days, no the minutes for my acceptance to arrive. When I got the letter I was very nervous. I wondered to myself if they would accept a person from the Midwest. I am not sure why I thought this because I should know...

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