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This Is A Report On The Inventions In Early 1900's.

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The Age of Invention1860-1910After the United States emerged from the original hardships brought on by two wars on domestic soil it soon became a place of large amounts of intellectual progress. Many of the items we use today were developed at this time. Everything thing from dynamite to a conveyer belt were all designed, constructed, and patented starting in 1860 and ending in 1912.Beginning in the mid 1850's the invention age began. It started out with simple and seemingly insignificant inventions, such as crayons; but the thoughts of men grew evolved very quickly. Soon men were creating passenger elevators and other machinery that wasn't even thought possible.Then came the 1860's. It seems that knowledge began to grow at an increasing pace. The cigarette had the honor of opening this time of invention. It was developed in the UK by two men, William and Henry Charlesworth. Although it wasn't a very good start to this age of invention, it could only get better.Louis Pasteur quickly made the age go from bad to good. He invented the process known as pasteurization. Originally he invented it in an effort to save France's wine and beer from going bad, but today it is used on all sorts of dairy products.For the rest of the decade many inventors tried their hand at producing a product that would live for much longer then they could ever imagine. Some of these scientist and hopeful mechanics live on in our history books, and other live on through their products. Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel, and the first typewriter was created.Although their were many inventions in this time period, it was only the beginning. The next five decades had many inventions. Two of the most prominent inventors during this time period were Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, and a year later Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. While Edison went on to invent many more important and exciting inventions, Bell hit his peak when he was only 29.Bell was only 27 when he worked out the principle of transmitting speech electrically. Other scientists were working on developing a way to do this as well, but no one was too fast for them. On March 10, 1876 he sent the first intelligible sentence three days later from the top floor of a boardinghouse in Boston. He spoke from one room to the other saying to his friend Thomas Watson, "Mr. Watson, come here. I want you." He had spilt acid from the battery on his clothes, but soon forgot about it when he realized that the telephone had worked. Bell continued working on other communicating devices. Much of the money he received...

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