This Is A Report Researching Hong Kong Local Insects. Insect Samples Were Collected And Compared To Amber Fossils. Similarities Were Pointed Out. Fossils Were Also Researched.

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A total number of ten animal specimens were collected and pinned. However, as the investigation concentrates on animal species under the class insecta, only 5 insect species were chosen to be further investigated. The five chosen insect species included: Field Cricket (Diaphanogryllacris laeta), Blue Spotted Tiger Beetle (Cicindela separate), Yellow-Headed Spider-Hunting Wasp (Leptodialepis bipartitus), Cockroach (Rhabdoblatta sinensis) and Large Brown Cicada (Cryptotympana mimica). The method of this investigation includes capturing and killing the insects collected, identifying them and then they were pinned, mounted and labeled. The insects were compared with dichotomous key. One insect was chosen and was compared to an amber fossil. The Yellow-Headed Spider-Hunting Wasp most resembles the amber fossil selected. The amber fossil selected is that of an Ichneumon Wasp, after careful comparison and observation, it was determined that the two species are related. The amber fossil of the Ichneumon Wasp was compared to the cast fossil of a Lower Cretaceous Wasp and it was concluded that they are also related.1.0 Introduction: Fossilized insects and the living insects vary in properties and they provide very different levels of information. There are three aims for this investigation. The first is to collect five Hong Kong insect species, identify them and pin them correctly. The second aim is to a local insect specimen to an amber fossil. The third aim is to compare an amber fossil to one other type of fossil. In this investigation, out of the five insect specimens collected, the one most resembles the amber fossil was chosen and was compared to the amber fossilized insect. Then one other type of fossilized insect was researched and compared to the amber fossil. The insect specimens were collected from a hillside on Braemar hill, where insect sampling is legal.The investigation investigates insect species; insect is a major group of arthropods that have three pairs of legs and their bodies are segmented into a head, thorax and abdomen. Thorax is the mid section of the body between head and abdomen in arthropods. Abdomen is the posterior section of the body behind thorax in arthropods. Amber fossils are created by the excretion of zap from certain plants trapping animals in it and as it harden preserving the insects within. Cast fossil forms when sediments settle on a body of an organism, as time passes the body erodes away leaving a negative imprint, minerals then fills the imprint, as the minerals harden forming a cast fossil. Dichotomous key is a branching key format that allows the user to determine the identity of items.The following map shows hillside on Braemar hill where the insect specimens were collected.Figure 1.1: The location of insect collection: The red circle shows the location where the insects were collected. The insects were collected on a track behind the St Joan of Arc Secondary School.Aim:To collect, identify and pin five Hong...

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