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Truman CapoteEver since birth, Truman Capote was unique. He was a little person but despite the hardships he faced in childhood he always hung on to his dream of becoming a writer. When he started to write, it was evident that he had potential. Truman wrote classic books such as In Cold Blood and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Truman was a clever witted man and it was just that wittiness of his that would become the death of him. He would write about all of his new famous friends and reveal their deepest darkest secrets with a smile. At the end of his life, he was ostracized because he had revealed the secrets of his friends without their permission. Maybe his difficult time as a child was what caused him to turn to drugs and alcohol, and impair his judgement, but one may never know. To understand his death fully we must look back to his beginning in the town of Monroeville, Alabama.Truman Steckfus Persons was born an only child in New Orleans on September 30, 1924. Truman's parents' marriage was described as being in a "constant state of turmoil" (American Writers: A Collection of Literary Biographies 111). His father, Arch Persons, was a schemer whose plans were almost never successful. For a while he worked as a clerk for a steamboat company, but he really didn't stick with any job for long. He was a man who would leave home in search of what he described as "new opportunities." His mother, Lillie Mae Faulk, was a sixteen-year-old beauty queen and an alcoholic, and when she was seventeen she gave birth to Truman.Because Truman's parents were always fighting, they eventually split up. While Truman's mother was moving around with many men, the little boy was usually sent to live with her relatives. These relatives lived in Monroeville, Alabama. As a matter of fact, one of his relatives, an elderly spinster, whom he adored very much, was a character in some of Truman's novels, stories, and plays (Levity 1).In Monroeville, Truman grew up and made some friends along the way. One of his friends was the famous Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird. Actually, it is generally believed that in her novel, Dill represents Truman. While living in Monroeville, it was reported that Lillie Mae had made many phone calls to her relatives, crying because she had no money and no husband.In 1931, when Truman was about seven, his mother officially divorced Arch and married a very successful businessman named Joseph Garcia Capote. Joe and Lillie took Truman from his home in Monroeville and moved to the northeast where they resided in New York City and parts of Connecticut. Living in New York City was great for young Truman. It is believed that his long lived love of this city began when he moved here. In 1933, Truman made a big step to drop his father's last name and take up his new stepfather's last name, Capote. Truman Capote even said that because of T.S. Eliot, the famous writer, he decided that the name he had originally picked, "T.S. Persons" wasn't very...

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The essay is about the the book "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote.

664 words - 3 pages Truman Capote's In Cold Blood is a true description of a multiple murder.The victims were a renowned and respected family that lived in Holcomb, Kansas.They were murdered in their home in the early morning hours of November 15th,1959. Though the book goes into great detail when it comes to analyzing the victim'sthoughts, it leaves the reader to wonder just exactly Perry's motives forcommitting the crime.Perry Edward Smith's family life was very

"In Cold Blood" by Capote, Truman. A book review for Law class.

878 words - 4 pages occured. Many were shocked by the murder. I feel that ifthe murder had of occured in todays society people would not have been as shocked asthey were then. When the story was based, not as many murders existed, and this crimewas just a total outrage to the normal society.Why is the book on the Law reading list? Legal aspects of the book:I feel this book is on the law reading list because it provides the story that is based on lawcharacteristics. In

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Truman Capote

1140 words - 5 pages In a world where people have succumb to viewing people and objects only for face value, there are few who take a deeper look into what is actually present underneath the surface. One of these people was Truman Capote. Capote was able to take experiences from his own life and put them into words for the public to read and relate to. Truman Capote was born Truman Streckfus Persons on September 30, 1924 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (“Great” 233

Truman Capote

1437 words - 6 pages The short stories of Truman Capote are connected to his childhood experiences in Alabama. Truman capote was an American born writer who wrote non- fiction, short stories, novels and plays. All of his literary works have been perceived as literary classics. The tones of some of his stories are slightly gothic. His most famous short story is Children on Their Birthdays. His work shows the occasional over writing, the twilit Gothic subject matter

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