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This Is An Essay About The Women And Child In Middle East, How Taliban Treated Them

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Human Rights in AfghanistanIn Afghan the regime is under the Taliban. The key ministries are the mullahs. Their aim is to make Afghan into the "purity of Islam". They suppress all the activities and limited women and children's activities in the society.Women in Afghan, they have to be covered in the shroud-like Burqa veil. A Burqa is a garment that covers women from head to toe, the heavy gauze patch across the eyes makes it hard to see, and completely blocks peripheral vision. Since enforced veiling, a growing number of women have been hit by vehicles because the burqa leaves them unable to walk fast, or see where they are going.Besides customs, female educations are banned from kindergarten through graduate school. Employment for women is banned. It is also illegal to wear makeup, nail polish, jewelry, pluck your eye brows, and cut your hair short, were colorful or stylish clothes sheer shocking, white socks and shoes, high-heel shoes, walk loudly, talk loudly or laugh in public. It is illegal for women to talk to any men except close relatives, which precludes them form visiting make physician, no matter how sick they are. Curlew will begin at 7.30 p.m. everyone has to stay in the house, except government troop, ever for medical emergencies. Even women in labor and needing hospital care must remain at home until morning.The government does not believe women should go out at all. "Women, you should not step outside your residence" reads one of the Taliban dictates.Moreover, the Taliban also banned all the daily activities, such as music, movies, television, picnics, wedding parties, new years celebrations, any kind of mixed-sex gathering. They also banned children's...

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