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This Is An Essay Describing The Themes Of Freewill Versus Fate Within The Play Of Oedipus. The Title Is "Freewill Versus Fate" And It Delves Into It Effects Of Such Themes Upon The Reader.

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Freewill Verses FateOedipus is a play that delves into the themes of freewill and fate throughout its entirety. This is the story of a man and his struggles against his own destiny and his fight for the future that he desires. Oedipus wanted to deny his own predestination and make his own life.The story all began by a prophecy upon Oedipus' life that one day he would kill his father, defile his mother's bed and wander the world for the rest of his life in blindness. At an age he made the conscious decision to deny the prophecy and move from what he thought was his hometown, to Thebes, in order to flee from his predestined plan for life. While some individuals chose to believe in predestination in order to maintain some level of peace, a sense that whatever is meant to happen will happen, Oedipus wanted a different outcome, and through his choices, did what he could. At the beginning of the play, the priest explains Thebes is suffering from a plague. Plants, animals, and people are all dying. The people there know that Oedipus is not a god, but they believe that some god inspired him to solve the riddle of the sphinx and save the town. Since Oedipus has been king, he has done a splendid job, so now people look to him in order to find a cure for the plague. Oedipus explains that he has sent Creon (Jocasta's brother) to an oracle in order to get an answer. He's late returning, but as soon as he gets back, Oedipus promises to do whatever the oracle says. All that is known, at that point, is that Laius left for Delphi and never returned. There was no immediate investigation because of the sphinx problem. One of Laius's men escaped, and walked back to Thebes. By the time he got back, Oedipus was being hailed as king. The witness said a gang of robbers killed Laius. Oedipus says that whoever comes forward with information about the murder of Laius will be rewarded, and that if the killer himself confesses, he will not be punished beyond having to leave the city permanently. On the other hand, if anyone conceals the killer, Oedipus says he will be cursed. Oedipus continues that he will pursue the...

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910 words - 4 pages and choice to kill all but one of the traveling party was reckless and unnecessary. Sophocles writes of the Three Crossroads to symbolize the choice Oedipus had in this scenario, the different paths he could take. No one forced Oedipus to kill Laius, his actions were conscious and made with determination. It is clear that Oedipus was locked into his fate. The whole premise of the play is Oedipus was destined to kill his father and sleep with his

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1094 words - 4 pages In Sophocles' Oedipus the King, fate plays a blatant role in the downfall of Oedipus. Fate demonstrates time and time again in the play that it is unavoidable and will always overrule any attempt to change one's destiny. Knowing Oedipus' fate also proves to be more of a hindrance than a blessing since he wasn't able to alter what was in store for him regardless of the extreme measures that were taken to escape his ill fortune. The gods are

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1052 words - 4 pages still indirectly responsible for the death but apparently the Greeks only considered it bad if you were directly responsible for the act of murder. The problem is that this person never left Oedipus on the mountains as he was instructed to and therefore Oedipus never died. So Iocaste and laios go on living worry free thinking that they outsmarted the gods and avoided their horrible fate, but it will catch up with them soon enough. They can't change

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785 words - 4 pages Fate plays a very important role in Oedipus Rex as it is clearly inescapable and is not subject to change by free will, or even the will of the Gods. We learn of the prophecy given to Laius and Jocasta that their son will kill his father and marry his mother. Upon the birth of Oedipus, Laius and Jocasta send for a shepherd to come and take him away to be killed so that the prophecy cannot be fulfilled. Throughout the story we are continually

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1391 words - 6 pages retribution. Sophocles himself believed Oedipus to be the innocent victim of an ironic tragedy, and built the play around this belief. This story was destined to happen and I believe the author would agree. The story revolves around destiny, the resistance of people to it and the ultimate ending of destiny lasting over all their attempts to avoid it. Written in a time of religious unrest, there is a lesson to be learned from this tragic play; that no

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